Good Things Come in 3

Slice of Life Challenge Entry#5:

Good things come in 3:

  • the # of  siblings in my family
  • The Hunger Games trilogy
  • the month of March
  • triangles
  • the number of schools I’ve worked in
  • I’ve lived in London, NY and Seoul
  • the # of blogs I currently have

Currently, as I’m getting ready for my Monday morning and I realize I have 3 blogs that I need to post on Monday. Yes, it’s a bit much. However, I have a classroom blog that I try to post every Monday with announcements and curriculum updates. Then, I have my personal blog, where I need to blog for the slice of life challenge! Third, I have my new teaching blog, that I started recently with my friend.  So far, I finished my post for my teaching blog. This is my post for my personal blog. Next, I’ll have to start the post for my classroom blog. This is kind of what I feel like right now…

My life in March:

Blog blog blog sleep blog blog eat blog blog blog blog blog sleep blog blog teach teach blog eat blog blog teach teach teach blog blog blog blog eat blog blog blog sleep blog blog blog eat blog blog blog teach teach teach blog blog blog blog

However, I do love blogging and there’s a reason why it’s called the Slice of Life CHALLENGE! I love that it is making me write daily, even though there’s so many other things to do. Here’s a tagxedo of my blog to show my love.