spring cleaning

When is it officially time for spring cleaning, when there are no distinct seasons in Singapore?       –my current musing

I finally decided to do some spring cleaning with my blog. It’s been almost 5 years since I started this blog and it was in desperate need of a new layout and theme. Over the years, just like the changing layouts of the blog, I’ve shifted from just blogging about my teaching (hence the title), to documenting about my travels(check out the travel tab above), living abroad, food adventures, and more. It has been fun to see this blog morph and grow through the years.

Now that I’ve somewhat cleaned up my blog, maybe I should try to de-clutter my apartment, especially my overflowing closets….

Stepping Into Spring

I’ve been making an attempt  to capture as many moments as I can of my final spring here in Seoul. It is such a beautiful season, it’s just so sad that it came so late this year. I just discovered this amazing park area tucked in our school campus by the Korean school. Our school shares a campus with a Korean school and I rarely go over to where the Korean school is. Well, another teacher just told me how there are cherry blossoms, benches and a beautiful pagoda there. We were able to take out kids there on a poetry walk. Here are some of the photos!

Here’s a teaser photo for the upcoming post on crossing off the party princess cafe from my bucket list of things to do in Korea.

Spring is Finally Here!

It was 7pm, as I quickly headed out the school doors. On my right shoulder, my crimson, worn out, Longchamp shoulder bag weighed heavily, full of test papers I probably wouldn’t grade and my left hand held tightly to a plastic bag full of clothes, an old tupperware container I finally was taking home and a pair of shoes.

I suddenly stopped at the bottom of the stairs outside my school. I was amazed. Not by the pink petals from the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Not by the empty soccer field usually full of squirming kids in uniforms. Not by the chilly, light jacket weather. I was amazed that it was still bright outside.

The sun was slowly starting to set as I could see the sky ever so slightly changing shades in the distance. However, I was able to walk home in the light. Spring is finally here!

Some photos from around our school:

For more slices of life go to two writing teachers!


As I was outside for recess duty the other day, I kept looking for signs of spring. I looked at the other playground where the cherry blossoms cover the sky and create a pink petaled floor in the spring. Yet, there was nothing. It’s April 1st. Come on spring. You can do it. I’m waiting.

Some photos that remind me of spring, because I’m almost forgetting what it looks like.

Cotton Candy & Cherry Blossoms

Yeoido Park Last April

SOLC #25: The Sprint

I continued walking at a brisk pace, as I glanced at my watch. I was running late and needed to get to the bus stop as quickly as possible. Then, I looked towards my left to see if the bus was coming, and to my surprise I saw the big blue city bus barely ahead of me. That’s when I started to book it forward.

The crosswalk had turned green and I started to run, with my black leather bag hitting against my side. I continued to sprint across the street ahead of the pedestrians casually sauntering the street. As I turned the corner and raced along the sidewalk, as I saw my friend waiting for me at the bus stop a few meters ahead.

The bus had obviously beat me to the bus stop. It was stopped as passengers started to get on the bus. I still had a good few meters until I reached the bus. I increased my speed as I waved to my friend. She started to get on the bus, as I quickly lessened the gap between the bus and me. She waited by the door and I finally made it on.

As I slid onto the seat next to my friend, we laughed as I attempted to catch my breath. It was a close call. I’m glad the bus driver didn’t leave me. We finally made it to our destination. We got to eat some great food at Amandier. I highly recommend their food especially their desserts & breads.

americano & fresh sandwiches

chicken caesar salad

mango cream cheese & strawberry sakura macarons

strawberry tarte & popcorn/yuza cake