Slice of Life Challenge Day #23 It was 9:50pm. I had gotten home a little while ago and I started packing for my trip to Vietnam tomorrow morning. Of course, I left the packing to the last minute. I found my print outs of my flight reservation and two different hotel reservations. I scrambled around … Continue reading Unprepared

Friday Night

Slice of Life Challenge Day #17 On Friday night, a group of us ladies from my church got together. We did the usual including painting our nails, making fruit smoothies, and eating Canadian pizza (the popular delivery pizza here). Unsurprisingly, our conversation quickly went to talking about Youtube videos. "Did you see that YouTube video where....?" … Continue reading Friday Night

The Frenzy Before the Conferences

Slice of Life Challenge Day #13 The Frenzy Before the Conferences Here's my list of things I've accomplished and need to get done in prep for our student-led conferences tomorrow and Friday! Update student work on my bulletin board outside. CHECK Put up current classroom charts in my classroom. CHECK Print and laminate photos of … Continue reading The Frenzy Before the Conferences