A Dream in my Pocket

This slice is inspired by another slice I read from Pamela here: http://www.pamelahodges.org/2012/09/22/its-okay-to-start-small/

A Dream in my Pocket

I have a dream in my pocket.

I pull it out.

I shove it back in.

I completely forget about it.

I sit on it and it pokes me.

I carefully pull it out.

I look at it and wonder.

I shove it back in my pocket.

* * *

I pull out my dream again.

I put my dream into words.

I share my dream with people.

I realize that this is a big dream, but it’s my dream.

I will need time to nurture and grow my dream.

No longer in my pocket, my dream is in front of me.

*  *  *

What dreams do you have in  your pocket?

A Rare Moment

Last period was  finally approaching on this long Monday and we had some extra time. I wanted to try something different. I explained to my students that we would write poems about what they are thankful for. We would share these poems at our thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday. I gave them the prompt,”I am thankful for…”

Then, they opened their writer’s notebooks and wrote, but unlike the other times, where I walk around and meet with students, I decided to write as well. I opened up my writer’s notebook, which I admit was gathering some dust in my bookshelf, and got out my inky teacher pen and wrote. I crossed out some lines and struggled to come up with what I wanted to say exactly. However, I managed to put something together. A rough draft. A beginning to something. After about 15 minutes of writing, I walked around and encouraged students to expand and be more descriptive on what they wrote.

I read aloud to them what I had so far and had a few other students share as well. Afterwards, one of my students came up and asked, “Is that your writer’s notebook? Can I see the cover? Oooh, lucky…” Unfortunately, I didn’t decorate the cover of that writer’s notebook, but my student still seemed to like it.

I was reminded today that writing with my students and getting caught in the writing process along my students is worthwhile . So here’s a little something of what I’m came up with…

I’m thankful for…

the blank pages that welcome my pen

avocados from costco, no matter the price

the songs that resonate in my soul

the warm blankets that I can snuggle underneath on a cold winter day

genuine smiles

getting paid to do what i love

my blog readers!

unexpected gifts

my family that supports me no matter how far apart we are

books that i can’t put down until i’m finished with it

my students from the past and the present

good friends that love me just as i am, no explanations needed

the excitement a student has in telling me about the book that they simply loved


answered prayers

slice of pumpkin pie, marshmallow yams and cranberry sauce

God’s unfailing love

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? 🙂

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The Ocean

Here’s my slice of life today in a poem.We are in the midst of our poetry unit and I’ve been writing poetry with my students. This poem I wrote with my students when we were learning about personification. I’ve always wanted to live next to the ocean. 🙂

* I made a small revision to the poem by changing the “it” to “she”. I would imagine the ocean to be a strong woman! 🙂

The Ocean

The ocean swaggers into the shore.

In and out.

In and out.

She tiptoes on tiny feet and freshly built sand castles.

She runs over shattered seashells and slimy seaweed.

In and out.

In and out.

She sprints back home and doesn’t look back.

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SOLC#10: Stag, stag, staggy beetle

We had more guests in my class today. My other students brought in his stag beetles, and some caterpillars as well. I wrote a short poem about it for my slice today. We’ll be starting our poetry unit next week, so I thought I work on some writing my own poetry.

Stag, stag, staggy beetle

Why do my students adore thee?

They ooh and ahh at your presence

They squeal with excitement to touch you

They gaze at you like a Christmas gift


Stag, stag, staggy beetle

Why do I dislike thee?

I shudder at your presence

I squeal with horror when you’re near

I gaze at you like the cockroach’s brother

Looks almost fake.

They like to eat jellies!

One of the students measuring it's size.