Challenge #5- City of Heart & Seoul

For this challenge, it all about images, and how to add and use images in your blog. I decided to create a collage using photovisi about Seoul. There are so many things that I love about Seoul, so I’ve put together a few of my best shots of its delicious food, sights, and heart. It comes out clearer if you click on the photo. All of these are photos I’ve taken here in Seoul.

I also had a lot of fun using animoto, a website that makes videos for you. You can make free videos that last for 30 seconds. As a teacher you can sign up for the education version to get longer videos!

Some ideas that I’m getting for my classroom, is to make short video clips using animoto for things like field trips, publishing parties, big projects, etc. It takes very little time to make the video, but it looks really fancy! Also, it will be a good way to keep my parents connected to what’s happening inside the classroom.

Here’s a quick tour of my school! I’ve included photos of my classroom and our school building.  What do you think? How do you make your classroom cozy for your students? 🙂

fall photo inspiration

I love taking photos. I carry my camera around with me almost all the time. I’ve always wanted to take photography classes. Last year, I did find photography classes offered in English here in Seoul. I was going to sign up, but I think things just got too busy and I didn’t get to do it. Here are some photos that are inspiring me for fall! I only took photo #1 & 3. The rest I found here: I love the photos they have!