the cali life

I finally made it to L.A. this summer. Yes, it was my first time in this beautiful city. I was expecting L.A. to be more of a "city" like NYC, but what I encountered was quite different. It kind of felt like the suburbs because everything was so spread out, there were big houses, but … Continue reading the cali life

icy iceland

Honestly, I wasn't sure what to really expect from Iceland. I heard a lot of great things from friends that have visited. Let me just say, Iceland exceeded any expectations I had. Everyday there was an adventure and I couldn't help be overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. The change in terrain after driving 30 … Continue reading icy iceland

future world exhibit: where art meets science

There are always a few worthwhile exhibits to see at the Arts & Science museum.  Checking out the future world exhibit with my bestie from NY made this exhibit even more memorable in my mind. We went on a Sunday afternoon, which meant crowds and a lot of kids. However, we still had fun and managed … Continue reading future world exhibit: where art meets science