Vietnam Park 4: Inside Hanoi

Here is my final post of photos from my trip to Vietnam. Hanoi was such a fun and unique city to visit. I loved all the food, culture and colors. One of the nights we were there, we randomly saw a parade happening. It was great seeing all the people dressed in their traditional clothing.  We also got to see the outside of the Ho Chi Minh Museum. The museum was unfortunately closed on that day.

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SOLC#10: Stag, stag, staggy beetle

We had more guests in my class today. My other students brought in his stag beetles, and some caterpillars as well. I wrote a short poem about it for my slice today. We’ll be starting our poetry unit next week, so I thought I work on some writing my own poetry.

Stag, stag, staggy beetle

Why do my students adore thee?

They ooh and ahh at your presence

They squeal with excitement to touch you

They gaze at you like a Christmas gift


Stag, stag, staggy beetle

Why do I dislike thee?

I shudder at your presence

I squeal with horror when you’re near

I gaze at you like the cockroach’s brother

Looks almost fake.

They like to eat jellies!

One of the students measuring it's size.

SOLC #9: Cockroach with Claws

He brought it in. The cage,two stag beetles, larvae and even an egg. All the girls started crowding around his desk.

“It’s so cute!!!” Shrieked one of my girls.

“I want one!!!” Yelled another girl.

“Can I have one please?” Asked another girl.

I was so surprised. To me it looked like a big cockroach with claws around its head. I didn’t want it near me or out of it’s container. I definitely didn’t think stag beetles were “cute” pets when I was their age. How times have changed!

the stag beetle larvae

It's home.

The stag beetle egg nestled in the dirt.

Cockroach with claws??!!

Crawling on my student!!

SOLC#8: Larvae Giveaway

On Friday, I let one of my students bring in their hedgehog. Well, a few of my boys started complaining that they wanted to bring in their stag beetles.  I told them that one of them could bring in one stag beetle on Wednesday and the other could bring in one stag beetle on Thursday. Then, they kept asking if they could bring more than one so the stag beetles could fight each other. I told them no. This morning, one of them had another request.

It was 8:05am and the students slowly started to trickle into the classroom. As they hung up their puffy black and green coats, one of my students rushed into the classroom and headed straight towards me.

“Ms. Kim, can I bring in my white larvae??” He asked anxiously.

“No. Just bring in your stag beetle.” I replied.

“Please, can I bring it in??!!” He whined.

“Why?” I asked, not wanting to know the answer.

“I need to give it to someone.”

“Who are you going to give it to?” I wondered who would be the lucky recipient of a stag beetle larvae.

“I have to give it to this guy.” He replied.

“Fine, bring in your larvae and ONE stag beetle tomorrow.”

I’m sure I’ll have some possible slice entries these next two days as the adventures continues…