Special Delivery

My Hanbok that I got custom made in Dongdaemun finally arrived. I had it delivered to my apartment.  I’m really pleased with it! It fits perfectly and I love the colors, especially the striped sleeves. It’s been so long since I’ve worn a hanbok that I forgot how to tie the ribbon part. I can’t wait to take it with me to Singapore! 🙂

Custom-Made Hanboks @ Dongdaemun

Something I had to get done before I leave Korea was get a custom-made hanbok. A hanbok is a traditional Korean dress that women used to wear. Now, women only wear it on special occasions like weddings and holidays. The last hanbok I had was when I was much younger. It was fun getting measured to get my own hanbok! It is cheapest if you go to the markets like dongdaemun. If you go to a normal store it can cost about 800,000KRW. However, I was able to get a good deal on mine for about 230,000KRW. It’s best to go with a Korean speaker to help you bargain and get a good deal. Once you get to dongdaemun, there is a building where there’s all these stands for hanboks.

We kind of randomly found a stand. We looked at some photos first. I showed them a photo of a hanbok style I wanted. They actually had the same photo in one of their books. My hanbok is going to look like the picture below! Here are the fabrics that are going to be used. I also ordered a hanbok for my mom which is going to have a yellow top and blue bottom. 

Afterwards, my cousin and I were hungry. My cousin told me that they sell good ddukbokki behind the stores on the street. So we got some yummy ddukbokki with fried tempura mixed in the spicy sauce! It was definitely worth our 5,000KRW.