Green Tea Fields, Check!

My alarm was set at 4:30am. I managed to get up and get out of my door by 5:20am. I got in a taxi and picked up my friend on the way to the bus stop in city hall. Our bus was leaving at 6:30am. We managed to get there early, with time to spare. As we found our seats at the second to last row, we were barely awake.

When doing some of my initial research (discovering Korea ,official Korea Tourism site) on going there, I came across some interesting history. Apparently during the Japanese occupation, they realized that the area was a good place to grow green tea. Even after the Japanese left, the green tea fields were kept and are now a huge tourist attraction.

I think I slept almost the entire ride down to Boseung, despite the two loud ajoomas (older Korean women) talking for the entire bus ride directly behind us. It was about a 6 hour ride including our rest stop and a little bit of traffic. When we finally arrived there, it was beautiful. It was a long ride all the way to the southern tip of the Korean peninsula, but it was worth it! They had delicious green tea ice cream and drinks. After stopping at the green tea fields, we got back on our tour bus and headed to another area about an hour away call Damyang. There we got to see a bamboo park, which was pretty cool. They had a lot of bamboo inspired dishes there that were interesting. I don’t think I’ve really eaten cooked bamboo before!

Another item on my bucket list is checked off! Who wants to ride on the swan boats with me next? 🙂

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