the karl experience

With much anticipation and curiosity, I attended my first secret dining event armed with my camera and an empty stomach. 24 hours before the event, a text arrived giving an address to a secret location, which ended up conveniently being  right near my home! When we arrived outside a strange warehouse and saw the blue light coming from a window, we knew we were at the right place. As we walked up the shady flight of stairs, when we saw a guy with a huge afro wig nodding his head like he was sleeping outside a door , it looked like we made it. Did we need a secret password? Was this guy going to wake up all of a sudden? So I made Jenni try to get in first.

Well we ended up waiting for a bit outside then of course waking up Ethan (pronounced Eeeethan), who ended up being our bubbly waiter. They had a bar right at the entrance and we were immediately served yummy welcome drinks. They showed us our tables and were immediately greeted by the various staff members who each had their own persona.

Even though the food wasn’t as futuristic as I was expecting, this was definitely a memorable evening, full of drama (Asian Karl Lagerfeld coming back from the future), an interactive fashion show, and even a birthday song for two of the people at our random table. A special thank you to Jenni for inviting me to attend with her and you can read more about the specific details about the experience in her Sassy Singapore article! 🙂

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exploring soho

I love checking out new restaurants and bakeries with good friends. I randomly stumbled upon a blog post about this newer restaurant called The Cleveland in NYC. This restaurant located technically in “nolita” and only a few steps from line 6’s spring street stop. There’s a fun outdoor area in the back of the restaurant giving you the option of eating outside. We sat in the outdoor area and enjoyed the steak sandwich, pulled- roasted chicken sandwich, branzino, and hand-cut french fries! The fries were definitely a must.

The next stop was dessert. We walked over to Dominique Ansel bakery, home of the cronut. Yes, that’s right, a cronut – half doughnut, half croissant.  There is a high demand for these because you have to be willing to queue at 6am (2 hours before they open at 8am) in order to buy one for a measly $5. The rules are that you can only buy 2 per person and they sell a limited amount, getting sold out very quickly.  Unsurprisingly, there are scalpers and people selling them on the black market for $50 or more. I’ll have to wake up early and try to get one next time.

Besides their cronuts, there are plenty of other delicious dessert choices to keep your stomach satisfied. All their desserts are artfully made, perfect for Instagram, and full of butter to keep you coming back. I highly recommend the Paris-New York pastry, not only does it have the name of two of my most favorite cities, but it had peanut butter and chocolate, enough said.

Besides eating incredibly delicious food, I got to catch up with two pretty amazing ladies! If you are ever in the need of some a princess cut 4 prong diamond engagement ring or any other jewels, this is the woman you need to talk to! My friend Sunjoo who has been working in the diamond district for many years in NYC is able to consult and provide anxious boyfriends with the most beautiful and high quality diamond engagement rings at a really good price. Forget Tiffany’s where all you are getting is a brand name and paying way too much for the baby blue box, she’s the one you need to go to! And, she works with people internationally as well.

Now, if you are interested in fashion in anyway, you need to pay attention to my friend Patricia. She started her own fashion line and it’s so inspiring to see all of her talented and beautiful designs. She creates clothing as well as jewelry. From her robot necklaces to her exquistly embroidered dresses  there’s no denying her talent. She sells her designs on her website and also at a boutique in Singapore called Lula Rock, which is in the Palais Renaissance mall on Orchard. This is definitely just the start of great things for her. It’s always so inspiring to see your friends with incredible talent and passions pursuing their dreams.


A sneak peak on my next post on our road trip to Rhode Island!

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a nyc adventure {fashion, food & friends}

I don’t know what it is about NYC, but every time I come back I can’t help but love it more. I mean in what other city do you have the subway conductors yelling at the people over the intercom for not getting inside the doors that are closing, or do you end up sitting next a homeless women in a thick fleece jacket with multiple bags that keeps falling asleep on your shoulder? Yes it’s quite the unique city, but you just have to appreciate the diversity and beauty found on each corner. Here are some photos from shopping around in Soho and then meeting up with my good friend Nuree in Eataly! DSC_0561 DSC_0564DSC_0569DSC_0567DSC_0575 DSC_0579 DSC_0582 DSC_0592 DSC_0595DSC_0600 DSC_0603 DSC_0605 DSC_0606 DSC_0607

Seoul Style {Streets of Myeong Dong}

Today, my fingers suffered for the sake of photography, which I don’t regret. I think it was one of the coldest days of winter here in Seoul at -7 degrees Celsius. Remember, I’ve been living in hot 31 degrees Celsius weather these past 6 months in Singapore!

Myeong dong is known for all of it’s shopping and tourists! It’s definitely a place to visit if you are ever in Seoul. After warming ourselves up with Shabu-shabu for lunch, Melody and I hit the cold streets with our cameras in our hands.


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