carrot cake, chili crab & combat durian

After living in Singapore for a year and half, I finally had my first family visitors. My brother Andrew and his wife, who actually live the farthest away from me, were here for a week. It was definitely a real blessing seeing them and actually hanging out with them, which has been rare these past few years.

My brother kept saying how he wanted to eat foods that he could only eat here in Singapore, so that challenge was easily taken on. The highlights of our Singapore food adventures would be filling up on hawker center staples like carrot cake (no actual carrots inside), satay, lime juice, prata house, plenty of seafood (including frog), chili crab, and of course, durian.

Esther who is from Malaysia loves durian, while for Andrew, it was his first time. The durian stand I ended up taking them to on Balestier was appropriately called combat durian. The pictures tell the story of how Andrew felt about durian after one piece. Luckily, we had the mangosteens to help balance the taste of the durian. In the end, Andrew could only manage to swallow one piece of durian.

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a taste of durian

I finally feel like I’m embracing Singapore, now that I’ve tasted durian. It has been a personal mission of mine for a while to try durian.  I wanted to know what this hype was all  about. This was my first time encountering this controversial and banned tropical fruit. Yes, durian is banned in the MRT, buses and in some public places.


A few weeks ago, we went to one of the durian stands on Balestier with some of my durian-loving friends.  We went around 4pm, because that is apparently a good time to go! We ended up getting a cut up durian, which cost $28. I was a bit surprised at how expensive it was!

The texture of the durian when I held it was pretty unpleasant because it was mushy and got all over my fingers.  The taste was custard like. I didn’t think the durian tasted as badly people said. I was more disturbed by the texture and appearance of the durian then the smell or taste.  After eating one piece, I didn’t feel any desire to eat anymore.  Even though my friends happily ate more, I was done.  I was definitely thankful that there was plenty of water for us to drink with the durian.

A big thanks to all who came out and ate the rest of the durian, which meant I didn’t have to eat any more!  I am willing to give durian another chance, when I have some brave visitors that are wanting to try it! 🙂 DSC_0896 DSC_0897 DSC_0898 DSC_0899 DSC_0900 DSC_0903DSC_0905