A Dream in my Pocket

This slice is inspired by another slice I read from Pamela here: http://www.pamelahodges.org/2012/09/22/its-okay-to-start-small/

A Dream in my Pocket

I have a dream in my pocket.

I pull it out.

I shove it back in.

I completely forget about it.

I sit on it and it pokes me.

I carefully pull it out.

I look at it and wonder.

I shove it back in my pocket.

* * *

I pull out my dream again.

I put my dream into words.

I share my dream with people.

I realize that this is a big dream, but it’s my dream.

I will need time to nurture and grow my dream.

No longer in my pocket, my dream is in front of me.

*  *  *

What dreams do you have in  your pocket?

Paris in the Spring

Slice of Life Challenge Entry #13

After many years of dreaming about it, my dream is finally becoming a reality.  In 11 days, I will be on plane flying directly to Paris for spring break! Oui, c’est vrai!  Here are some of the things I’m hoping to do.

  • Sip on cafe au lait at les deux magots while writing in my writer’s notebook and hope for some of the same inspiration that Hemingway and Camus received!
  • Eat freshly baked baguettes and croissants from the bakery on the corner for breakfast.
  • Gaze upon the city of Paris at night from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Take a ton of photos of the Eiffel tower in the background.
  • Have a picnic in the garden overlooking Versailles
  • Admire the waterlilies that Monet painted in Giverny (i hope it’s the right season).
  • Eat macarons from laduree and savor every small bite.
  • Walk past the L’Arc De Triomphe while humming the song Aux Champs Elysees that my middle school French teacher taught us.
  • Try to recover and use some of the French that I learned all through out middle school and high school…
  • Walk into Chanel and Louis Vuitton all dressed up and act like I can afford to buy the things inside.
  • Admire the Sacre Coeur from the outside and inside.
…and so much more! Any good recommendations? 

Here are my pictures from my “je t’aime paris” pinterest site!