a saturday @ hort park

When I arrived (a bit late) in the morning to Hort Park, I was in awe of the beauty of the lucious greens, tall trees, and open grass field. Where was I? How come this was the first time I’ve actually ventured inside. I had only passed by Hort Park at the start of the southern ridges trail. As I was trying to figure out if I was in the right place and then I heard the worship music echoing from downstairs. I just followed the music down the spiral stairs to the multi-purpose hall. I saw some random people watching from outside through the glass walls as well. I was greeted by 200+ women of all ages and different backgrounds singing together in unison; a beautiful site.

Someone asked me afterwards if the retreat met my expectations. And I simply said that I didn’t really have any expectations. It was our first women’s retreat as a church, and I was definitely excited beforehand, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. The excellence that I saw in how the women of our church planned, prepared, and facilitated was an encouragement to me. Of course the decorations, food, and music were on point, considering the talented ladies that are part of my church!

It ended up being a Saturday well spent. It was a time of encouragement, worship, teaching, and fellowship. I felt so grateful for the women that organized and planned the retreat. I could see their love and heart for the women of the church and the Gospel throughout the day. A few key points that have stuck with me are:

  • We are free to live out the Gospel.
  • Our Christian life is about taking small steps forward.
  • Set your mind on what the Spirit desires.
  • Christians should be characterized by your waiting.
  • We are groaning for the new life to come. 
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emily & victor {june 7.2014}

The recent trend these past few years has been to rush back to NY to be part of a wedding right after my school year ended. This year, I was so blessed to be able to make it back in time for Emily’s wedding.  I landed in NY on a Friday afternoon and had enough time to drop my bags off at home and shower (much needed after 24 hours of traveling) to make it to the rehearsal dinner. The next morning, I was up early in the morning to make it to the church to get our make-up and hair done!

Emily and co did a fabulous job of transforming our church gymnasium with their creative diy touches for the reception. All the meticulous details from the lemonade drinks stand outside, cute and practical fan like programs, lantern centerpieces, to the pinterest favorite- diy tassels, created a beautiful backdrop, for the real story. The story of a lifelong commitment, of God intervening and bringing two people together, and of a love that grows stronger in time.

For me, weddings are about those moments. I remember when the church doors opened, and the stunning bride, Emily walked down with her arm in her father’s. I remember  the groom, Victor was choked up and Emily had to dab at his tears. I remember the pastor trying to hold back his emotions. I remember the joy that exuded from the bride and groom as they face the audience as husband and wife for the first time. Thank you Emily and Victor for allowing me to be part of your beautiful wedding story!

Here are a few shots on my DLSR camera before the wedding. beach_jake-0476beach_jake-0463beach_jake-0465beach_jake-0468 beach_jake-0469beach_jake-0470 beach_jake-0472

Here are some photos, taken by my iphone 5s! IMG_0155IMG_0102 IMG_0131 IMG_0116 IMG_0127IMG_0179

Hillsong NYC

I finally had a chance to check out Hillsong Church in NYC this summer. I was completely blown away by the worship there both times. It was incredibly encouraging to see what God through Hillsong church. I am so thankful for their heart for reaching this city. I feel like this church has already done great things and will do even greater things for the gospel in NYC.

Both times I went, they sang this song, beneath the waters (I will rise) and I can not stop listening to it! It is such a powerful song.

fearfully and wonderfully made

Slice of Life Challenge Entry #12: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made…”

I was sitting at my church listening to the sermon, and this line kept resonating in my soul. I’ve heard it many times and read it in the Bible over and over again. Yet, something about it on this Sunday, made me keep thinking about being here in Korea.  I was reminded of how every time I walk through the subway station to go to my church (Sinsa station), I see on both sides of the walls, large posters of advertisements on the walls. On these advertisements, all of them are plastic surgery ads. They represent different clinics and doctors’ offices for plastic surgery in that area. It makes me so sad every time I walk through the subway station because I am reminded that the society and culture values beauty in such a distorted way, that high school students often get as graduation presents, plastic surgery here in Korea. In response to that, I felt compelled to write a poem.

fearfully and wonderfully made

the potter made no mistakes on you

each curve, bend and bump was purposeful

He didn’t make you in the image of the photo-shopped magazine covers

He made you in His perfect image

God is most pleased when you find joy in being y o u

start looking in the mirror and look deep into your eyes

when you start seeing the reflection of God’s image

you will see what God sees

fearfully and wonderfully made