Hillsong NYC

I finally had a chance to check out Hillsong Church in NYC this summer. I was completely blown away by the worship there both times. It was incredibly encouraging to see what God through Hillsong church. I am so thankful for their heart for reaching this city. I feel like this church has already done great things and will do even greater things for the gospel in NYC.

Both times I went, they sang this song, beneath the waters (I will rise) and I can not stop listening to it! It is such a powerful song.

Agents of Change

I had a really amazing time at the ACSI Conference for Christian Educators this past thanksgiving weekend in Suwon, Korea. I did volunteer to sign up with some other teachers from my school to attend this conference during our thanksgiving break! 🙂 But, it was well worth it. It was my first time attending a professional conference for Christian educators which was cool. It was like a mixture of work & church.

I loved that in the morning sessions we started with prayer, sang praise songs and had amazing speakers. It was moving to worship with other Christian educators from all over Asia. One of the sessions I was really really inspired by was the speech by Dr. Wess Stafford, the president of Compassion International. He shared his testimony about growing up as a missionary kid in Africa and then what happened when he came to the states in high school. My friend Melody wrote his testimony on her blog, so please check it out!

His whole speech had me in tears and helped remind me about why I chose to come into education. He kept encouraging us to speak up for children who don’t have a voice.  As teachers, we have an incredibly important job to be agents of change and to help give our students a VOICE.

I’m going to write at least two more entries about some of the workshops I attended and what I learned from them! Sharing is caring!! 🙂