future world exhibit: where art meets science

There are always a few worthwhile exhibits to see at the Arts & Science museum.  Checking out the future world exhibit with my bestie from NY made this exhibit even more memorable in my mind. We went on a Sunday afternoon, which meant crowds and a lot of kids. However, we still had fun and managed to get some good shots in the Instagram-worthy room of lights. We made sure to reserve tickets beforehand because on the Saturday before, we were unable to go inside because it was fully booked.

This was definitely a kid friendly exhibit, so families with young kids should definitely go. All the exhibits were very interactive. I resisted the temptation to go down the slide, because I think it was meant for kids. However, I did go inside the area with the lit up bouncy balls and played around for a minute or so. I would recommend that if you are going without kids, probably the week night would be less crowded.

My final tip, be patient and wait for the lights to change. Make sure to go through the room of lights slowly. It’s a one-way exhibit.

IMG_1565IMG_1571 IMG_1573singapore-0397IMG_1582 IMG_1583IMG_1561singapore-0393


The second theme for the sketchbook project was tangled. For my page, I created a collage using photos I took during travels in Singapore, Paris, Vietnam, and Tennessee.  Strangely enough, like the theme for this month, life is feeling a bit tangled. I’m hoping that things will slowly untangle their way as 2015 approaches. I’m also excited to announce that for once, I’m ahead of the game, and almost finished with the next sketchbook theme of: guilty pleasures. Stay tuned for more.

penang-1161 penang-2013tangled-0611nyc_2014-0713

tangled sketchbook

chanel on christmas

Make sure to check out the free Chanel exhibit at the Art Science Museum at the Marina Bay Sands! Janice and I had a chance to check it out after lunch on Christmas day. Not only is it free, but they give you a free black & white poster. We took the Keira Knightly & Song Hye Kyo posters! More photos to come on Janice’s visit to SG! 🙂

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diy art projects

I’ve been trying to be arts and craft-sy lately with a few diy projects. I’m attempting to paint some canvases to hang up on my living room wall, create a canvas portrait and paint some cards. Here are some of my attempts and projects in progress. Unfortunately, I had a pretty big failure with one of my canvas portraits. Stay tuned for hopefully some finished pieces of work, if they come out well!

DSC_0437 DSC_0447 photo (66)DSC_0444
photo (64)
photo (65)

Paris Through the Years

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I decided to get my self-portrait drawn by the street artists in Montmartre after hearing from my dad that I got it done when I was younger. Well, it turns out that this was a true story (Korean parents are good at making up stories).  Here is the proof! I was in Paris when I was 2 years old. We were living in London then. Kristi suggested that I post a picture of the self portrait from back then and the current one, but I don’t think my parents kept it. So here is  a peek at Paris from the past to the present.