Who Used Blurred Lines As An Inspiration?

The clue that really got both the judges and the audiences wheels turning, however, was a reference to judge Robin Thicke’s hit song, “Blurred Lines.” “On one of my albums, I used ‘Blurred Lines’ as my inspiration,” said the Peacock. Thicke’s gut reaction to hearing this brought out a guess that no one expected.

Who copied Blurred Lines?

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams copied one of Marvin Gaye’s songs to create their 2013 smash Blurred Lines, an appeal court has ruled.

What is the meaning behind the song Blurred Lines?

Lyrics such as “I hate these blurred lines / I know you want it” and “Do it like it hurt / What, you don’t like work,” are clearly referring to the notion of a man attempting to get the attention of a woman in a club when she doesn’t want him to.

Is Blurred Lines about consent?

Singer Devon Cole recently shared her rendition of Robin Thicke’s controversial 2013 hit Blurred Lines—but she changed the lyrics to emphasize the importance of consent. Keeping its catchy beat intact, Cole has rewritten the song to send a message about consent.

Why was the case involving the song Blurred Lines different from previous copyright case?

The Blurred Lines case was unique, in that the two works at issue did not have similar melodies; the two songs did not even share a single melodic phrase. In fact, the two works did not have a sequence of even two chords played in the same order, for the same duration.

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How much did Robin Thicke make for Blurred Lines?

Robin Thicke in the video for Blurred Lines. Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke have been ordered to pay a total of nearly $5m (£3.9m) to the family of Marvin Gaye, in a final judgment in the plagiarism case that found similarity between their song Blurred Lines and Gaye’s song Got to Give It Up.

Who wrote Blurred Lines lyrics?

Per YouTube guidelines: “ Most nudity is not allowed, particularly if it is in a sexual context. It was thanks to those rules that Robin Thicke’s explicit “Blurred Lines” video got booted from YouTube in March.

Who won Marvin Gaye and Robin Thicke?

In 2015, the Gaye family won their case. The court ordered Thicke and Williams to pay Gaye’s estate more than $7 million dollars, an amount that was later reduced to $5.3 million. Thicke and Williams appealed the verdict, and in March of this year a judge mostly upheld the jury’s decision. In a Dec.

Why was Robin Thicke sued for copyright infringement?

The famous singers were sued back in 2013 after they released Blurred Lines. The family claimed the song copied the “sound” and “feel” of Gaye’s 1977 single, Got to Give it Up, after Thicke himself admitted it was an inspiration for their smash hit.

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