What Street In Edinburgh Is The Inspiration For Diagon Alley?

Diagon Alley / Victoria Street It’s easy to see where J.K. Rowling got her inspiration for Diagon Alley. Victoria Street curves down towards the Grassmarket and is within Edinburgh’s Old Town – recognised as a World Heritage site.

Where is the Harry Potter street in Edinburgh?

Harry Potter Connection Victoria Street is a narrow curved street in central Edinburgh’s Grassmarket area and is believed by some to be an inspiration for Diagon Alley (a cobblestone shopping street with stores selling wizardly supplies) in the Harry Potter books.

Where is Diagon Alley in Edinburgh?

Victoria Street is a curving, cobbled street in Edinburgh’s Old Town that connects George IV Bridge and Grassmarket. The street is known for its historic stone buildings with brightly-painted shops on the ground floor – very Diagon Alley-esque.

What street is Diagon Alley based on?

Diagon Alley is located in London. But the real-life inspiration for the street is thought to be Victoria Street in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city.

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Did Victoria Street inspired Diagon Alley?

Victoria Street, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s inspiration for Diagon Alley, is in London. It is FALSE. Victoria Street is in Edinburgh, Scotland. Lined with colourful houses, shops, and restaurants, the street was built between 1829 and 1834 and inspired Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to create Diagon Alley.

Did Edinburgh inspired Harry Potter?

In between her writing sessions in the Edinburgh cafés, J.K. Rowling would stroll around the streets of Edinburgh, which served as much of her inspiration for the Harry Potter universe.

What is the famous street in Edinburgh?

Running from Leith Street to the Lothian Road in the New Town, Princes Street is an over a mile long stretch of shops, cafés and pubs, and is, in fact, the most important thoroughfare in Edinburgh.

Is the Hogwarts Castle in Scotland?

Harry also learned the rules of wizarding sport Quidditch in the Outer Bailey. The courtyards and baileys of Alnwick Castle were used to film Hogwarts students and staff going about their daily activities. ​Harry and Ron crash-landed the Weasley family’s flying car in the Inner Bailey.

Is Edinburgh Castle Hogwarts?

While there is no firm evidence that Edinburgh Castle inspired the creation of Hogwarts School, there is an uncanny resemblance between the two historic buildings – for example, they both sit high on a rock. But she has said that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is located in Scotland.

Is Harry Potter based in Scotland?

As any fan of the Harry Potter films will know, Hogwarts is located in Scotland and thus it is not surprising that a number of exterior scenes for the movies were shot in Scotland. Some of the most iconic are the Hogwarts Express train scenes and the location of Hagrid’s hut.

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Is Harry Potter based on Exeter?

That’s right, it’s thought that many locations in Exeter inspired J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and the Wizarding World. From the majestic Exeter Cathedral to Saxon shopping streets that look like Diagon Alley and even the Room of Requirement door. There is magic to be found at every corner of this historic city.

Who Is Harry Potter based on?

While no, there is no actual Harry Potter, he was based on a real person! JK Rowling drew her inspiration for The Boy Who Lived from her neighbor Ian Potter who lived just four doors down from Rowling when she was a child.

What inspired Hogwarts Castle?

Admire the spires of George Heriot’s School The most important setting in the world of Harry Potter is, of course, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But it’s George Heriot’s School, in the city center, that’s generally accepted as the chief inspiration for Hogwarts.

Does J.K. Rowling live in Edinburgh?

A luxury villa in the Harry Potter author JK Rowling’s Edinburgh neighbourhood has hit the market for offers over £1.3 million. The detached five bedroom home is located in the affluent area of Barnton and comes with a triple garage and its own home cinema.

Did J.K. Rowling live in Edinburgh?

An enchanting Edinburgh apartment, that JK Rowling stayed in, has gone on the market for half a million pounds. Back in the early nineties, JK Rowling came to Edinburgh with her daughter and the early chapters of Harry Potter to stay with her sister Dianne and brother in-law, Roger, at 140 Marchmont road.

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Where did J.K. Rowling Write Edinburgh?

Opened in 1995, The Elephant House has established itself as one of the best tea and coffee houses in Edinburgh. Made famous as the place of inspiration to writers such as J.K. Rowling, who sat writing much of her early novels in the back room overlooking Edinburgh Castle.

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