Readers ask: Who Was The Poet Who Found Inspiration In Englands Lake Disrict?

William Wordsworth is one of Britain’s most famous poets, who lived from 1770 til 1850. His ‘Daffodils’ poem beginning “I wander’d lonely as a cloud” is the quintessential Lake District poem.

Which Romantic period rider found inspiration in England Lake District?

The Lake District’s dramatic mountains, lakes and valleys have provided inspiration to poets, writers and artists for centuries, not least in the Romantic poetry of Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, whose celebration of the Lake District helped lay the groundwork for a later conservation movement.

Which poet is buried in the Lake District?

Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey became known as the Lake Poets. The poet and his wife lie buried in the churchyard of Grasmere and very near to them are the remains of Hartley Coleridge – son of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge), who himself lived for many years in Keswick, Ambleside and Grasmere.

Where did William Wordsworth live in the Lake District?

Wordsworth Attractions in the Lake District & Cumbria Allan Bank, at Grasmere, was Wordsworth’s home for 2 years. Rydal Mount, where William lived from 1813 until his death in 1850.

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When did Wordsworth live in the Lake District?

Dove Cottage is a house on the edge of Grasmere in the Lake District of England. It is best known as the home of the poet William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy Wordsworth from December 1799 to May 1808, where they spent over eight years of “plain living, but high thinking”.

Is Lord Byron a romantic poet?

Lord Byron was a British Romantic poet and satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination of Europe. Although made famous by the autobiographical poem Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (1812–18)—and his many love affairs—he is perhaps better known today for the satiric realism of Don Juan (1819–24).

Who is called romantic paradox?

Lord Byron as a Romantic Paradox; BYRON, ROMANTIC PARADOX By W.J.

Who wrote in the Lake District?

John Ruskin Born in London, Ruskin was profoundly affected by his childhood experiences of the Lake District. His writings on architecture and art influenced Pre-Raphaelites artists such as Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris. In the 1850s he became more interested in politics.

Who coined Lake Poets?

The three main figures of what has become known as the Lakes School were William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey.

Who gave the term Lake poet?

Lake poet, any of the English poets William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey, who lived in the English Lake District of Cumberland and Westmorland (now Cumbria) at the beginning of the 19th century.

What inspired William Wordsworth?

Stimulated by Coleridge and under the healing influences of nature and his sister, Wordsworth began in 1797–98 to compose the short lyrical and dramatic poems for which he is best remembered by many readers.

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Who was William Wordsworth wife?

Hill Top is a 17th-century house in Near Sawrey near Hawkshead, in the English county of Cumbria. It is an example of Lakeland vernacular architecture with random stone walls and slate roof. The house was once the home of children’s author and illustrator Beatrix Potter who left it to the National Trust.

Who were Movement poets?

Deeply English in outlook, the Movement was a gathering of poets including Philip Larkin, Kingsley Amis, Elizabeth Jennings, Thom Gunn, John Wain, D J Enright and Robert Conquest. The Movement can be seen as an aggressive, sceptical, patriotic backlash against the cosmopolitan elites of the 1930s and 1940s.

Who is the first poet laureate?

John Dryden was appointed Poet Laureate in 1668 by Charles II and there has been an unbroken line of Poet Laureates ever since. However, a number of poets were appointed as Laureate before that. These include Geoffrey Chaucer, John Skelton, and Ben Jonson.

Who are called Lake Poets and why?

The name “Lake Poets,” used to refer uniformly to writers from the Lake District of England, was a derogatory term created by the Edinburgh Review. When speaking about the group, Francis Jeffery, a Scottish literary critic, referred to them as: the School of whining and hypochondriacal poets that haunt the Lakes.

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