Readers ask: Dish What Happened To Inspiration Channel?

As of February 2015, approximately 80,584,000 of American households (69.2% of households with television) receive INSP.

INSP (TV channel)

DirecTV Channel 364 (HD/SD)
Dish Network Channel 259 (HD/SD)


What channels has Dish Network lost?

The list of 64 stations that have gone dark for customers includes major networks, such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, MNT, and TDO.

How do I get the inspiration channel?

The simplest way is to visit Then, click Find INSP at the top of the page. Once on our Channel Finder page, you’ll be prompted to enter your zip code and choose your cable/satellite provider from a dropdown menu. Once selections are made, the INSP channel number will appear.

How many channels did Dish Network lose?

Carriage dispute between Dish Network and Tegna means 64 stations dropped from satellite TV service.

Where can I get INSP channel?

Watch INSP on Vidgo

  • Vidgo includes INSP in its Core package and over 60 other channels.
  • Vidgo is supported on available on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV.
  • You can also stream the service on up to 3 devices at the same time.
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Is Dish getting rid of local channels?

More than 3 million subscribers to satellite TV provider Dish won’t lose any local channels just yet. Dish and media company Sinclair have temporarily extended their contract, which expires Monday. Without a new deal, more than 100 of Sinclair’s local TV stations could be removed from the pay-TV service.

Why am I not getting all my channels on Dish?

Press the Guide button on your remote and check the current list. If it is not “All Subscribed”, press the Options button or the red color button and select “All Subscribed”. Reset your receiver. Unplug the power cord of your receiver from the electrical outlet for 10 seconds, then plug it back in.

Where can I watch INSP for free?

Watch all of your INSP original favorites, right here on – for FREE.

Does Roku have inspiration channel?

You can watch INSP on Roku with one of these streaming services: Philo, Sling TV, or Fubo TV. You can use your credentials to log into the app once you download it.

Does YouTube TV have inspiration channel?

YouTube TV does not offer INSP with the streaming service.

Is Dish losing CBS?

Beginning August 17, 2021, DISH Network is expected to drop CBS 14 and FOX 44. The retransmission agreement with DISH to carry CBS 14 and FOX 44 is expiring and DISH and CBS 14 and FOX 44 are not expected to reach an agreement that allows for further carriage of CBS 14 and FOX 44.

How can I get my Dish bill lowered?

While you are reaching out to cancel certain services or check on your bill, take the opportunity to negotiate with Dish Network. Call them at 1 (855) 318-0572 and let them know that you are thinking of canceling your service.

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Did Dish and Sinclair reach an agreement?

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. and Dish Network Corp. reached a deal that has prevented more than 100 local TV stations across the U.S. from being blacked out — for now. The companies temporarily extended a carriage agreement that was set to expire on Aug.

Who owns INSP network?

INSP is headquartered in Indian Land, South Carolina, near Charlotte, North Carolina. It is wholly owned by Inspiration Ministries.

What channel is the inspiration channel on directv?

What channel is INSP HD on DIRECTV? INSP HD is on channel 364.

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