Quick Answer: What Was The Inspiration For Big Mouth?

Big Mouth was inspired by the experiences of Kroll and his childhood best friend, Andrew Goldberg. The duo co-created the series with Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett, and based the comedy on embarrassing real life-tales.

Who is Jessie based on in Big Mouth?

Jessi is based on someone that Nick and Andrew [ Goldberg, another of the show’s creators] grew up with, and I think I embody some qualities that remind them of this young woman: a girl who is just as funny and smart as the boys around her, if not smarter. I’ve known Nick for a long time — almost 20 years.

What school is Big Mouth based on?

Location. Bridgeton Middle School is a middle school in Bridgeton, Westchester County, NY. Nick, Andrew, Jessi, and Jay attend this school.

How did Big Mouth get its name?

Kroll: The show is called Big Mouth because one, I physically just had a big mouth. But also I had a big mouth because I was a bit of a wiseass. I was a little guy, so I made up for my size with my ability to yap.

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Who is Andrew glouberman in real life?

The real Goldberg serves as the basis for Andrew Glouberman, played by Kroll’s Oh, Hello co-star John Mulaney. Kroll plays a Nick Birch, a fictionalized version of his teenage self who has the opposite response to puberty.

Is Big Mouth based on real life?

Big Mouth was inspired by the experiences of Kroll and his childhood best friend, Andrew Goldberg. The duo co-created the series with Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett, and based the comedy on embarrassing real life-tales. The trick was to construct a room where those stories could be told.”

Is Coach Steve based on a real person?

Trivia. Coach Steve is partly based on “Ref Jeff” from The Nick Kroll Show, another dim-witted gym coach, who tries and fails to make friends, also played by Nick Kroll.

Why are Nick and Andrew not friends?

At the end of Season 3, fans of Big Mouth were shocked to witness the tragic destruction of Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman’s friendship. Their once beautiful friendship had ultimately crumbled after typical middle school issues like hormones and dating began to interfere with their everlasting bond.

Is Jay from Big Mouth Mexican?

Appearance. Jay is a 13-year-old Armenian-Greek (former part indicated, as his surname is Armenian; latter part confirmed in Season 4 Episode 10) tan-skinned boy with black spiky hair, brown eyes, big black eyebrows that almost form a unibrow, big ears, and a hooked nose.

Is Nick from Big Mouth a girl?

Initially, Nick is confused why he’s been assigned a female Hormone Monster, but Connie ensures him it’s completely normal. We come to find out Connie’s confidence is a facade, and Nick is actually the first boy she’s ever worked with.

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Who are the creators of Big Mouth?

Not only did “Big Mouth” creators Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg base the characters of Nick and Andrew on their younger selves and their awkward, humiliating junior high years, the duo and other writers for the show pulled whole episode plots straight from their real lives.

Who voices Rick in Big Mouth?

He is voiced by Nick Kroll.

How old is Nick Birch?

Nicholas “Nick” Alexander Birch is one of the two main protagonists, alongside Andrew of Big Mouth. He is a prepubescent 13-year-old late bloomer, who lives in the suburbs of New York City and attends Bridgeton Middle School. He is the youngest among his friends, Andrew, Jessi, Jay and Missy.

Are Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg friends?

Andrew Goldberg (born March 17, 1978) is an American writer and producer. Goldberg co-created the Netflix adult animated series Big Mouth with his childhood best friend Nick Kroll, and Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett, and serves as a writer and executive producer. Prior to that, he wrote for Family Guy.

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