Quick Answer: What Album Is Soul And Inspiration By The Righteous Brothers On?

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Title (Format) Cat#
Soul Inspiration (LP, Album, Mono) V-5001
New Submission Soul Inspiration (LP, Album, Stereo) 711 501
New Submission Soul Inspiration (LP, Album, Mono) VLP 9131
New Submission Soul Inspiration (LP, Album, Stereo) 710 001

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Who wrote Soul and Inspiration?

The duo’s relationship with Spector however ended in some acrimony; in 1966 they signed with Verve/MGM Records, leading to a lawsuit from Spector, which MGM settled with a $600,000 payment to Spector. Their next release in 1966, ” (You’re My) Soul and Inspiration ” was a Phil Spector sound-alike song.

Was Bobby Hatfield ever married?

While it’s never been confirmed if the rumor is true, the storyline is based on an urban legend about Catherine the Great. After she passed away at the age of 67 in 1796, there was a rumor that went around that she died from having sexual intercourse with a horse.

Who was the inspiration for soul?

Peter Archer, the retired New York City music teacher who inspired Disney-Pixar’s “Soul.” NEW YORK CITY — The New York Daily News calls Dr. Peter Archer the “heart” behind the new Disney-Pixar movie “Soul,” and that’s no exaggeration.

What was the Righteous Brothers biggest hit?

# 1 – You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ As we close out our top 10 Righteous Brothers songs list, we turn to their mighty number one hit entitled “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin.

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Are the Righteous Brothers still alive?

He is the last living band member from The Righteous Brothers. His original singing partner, Bobby Hatfield, died in 2003.

Who wrote Unchained Melody?

Hy Zaret Unchained melody /: Who wrote Unchained Melody? Who wrote you’ve lost that loving feeling? Barry Mann Cynthia Weil Phil Spector You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ /: Who wrote you’ve lost that loving feeling?

What songs did the Righteous Brothers make famous?

  • You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ The Righteous Brothers.
  • Greatest Hits. The Righteous Brothers.
  • Just Once In My Life The Righteous Brothers.
  • Soul & Inspiration. The Righteous Brothers.
  • The Very Best Of/Unchained Melody. The Righteous Brothers.
  • Back To Back. The Righteous Brothers.
  • Right Now!
  • Some Blue-Eyed Soul.

How many albums did the Righteous Brothers make?

The Righteous Brothers released three albums under the Moonglow label, one of these and a further compilation album were released after they had joined Phil Spector. They released 12 singles with Moonglow, but only two were moderate hits – “Little Latin Lupe Lu” and “My Babe” from their first album Right Now!.

Which righteous brother died?

Bobby Hatfield, the singer who pioneered “blue-eyed soul” with Righteous Brothers partner Bill Medley, and achieved stardom with hits like Unchained Melody and You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling, has died.

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