Question: Who Runs The Inspiration Channel?

INSP (TV channel)

Picture format 1080i (HDTV) 480i (SDTV)
Key people David Cerullo Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dale Ardizzone Chief Operating Officer Mark Favaro Executive VP Worldwide Sales Doug Butts Senior VP Programming


Who has the inspiration channel?

INSP is a family-entertainment television network that is available nationwide to more than 68M households via Dish Network (channel 259), DirecTV (channel 364), Verizon FiOS (channel 286), AT&T U-verse (channel 564) and more than 2,800 cable systems.

What is INSP LLC?

About us. INSP is a general-entertainment television network that is available nationwide to more than 70M households. INSP provides a trusted viewing experience with a lineup of exclusive and original series, timeless Westerns, action-filled dramas, and films focused on adventure and heroic characters.

Does Roku have an inspiration channel?

You can watch INSP on Roku with one of these streaming services: Philo, Sling TV, or Fubo TV. You can use your credentials to log into the app once you download it.

Does Hulu have inspiration channel?

Hulu Live TV does not offer INSP with the streaming service. Hulu Live TV costs $64.99, after a 7-Day Free Trial.

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Is Wagon Train coming to INSP?

(Indian Land, SC – December 13, 2018) INSP is starting the new year by adding four popular classics to their lineup. Also airing on INSP are fan favorites The High Chaparral, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Big Valley, Daniel Boone, Rio Lobo, and Wagon Train.

What happened to the Virginian on INSP?

James Drury passed away of natural causes, on April 6, 2020 at age 85. He was a good friend to us at INSP for many years and his loss was deeply personal. He lived by the cowboy code to the end.

How do I get the inspiration channel?

The simplest way is to visit Then, click Find INSP at the top of the page. Once on our Channel Finder page, you’ll be prompted to enter your zip code and choose your cable/satellite provider from a dropdown menu. Once selections are made, the INSP channel number will appear.

Is INSP on spectrum?

Well, to watch INSP on Spectrum, you may go for any Spectrum cable tier. It’s included in the channel lineup of TV Select, Silver, and Gold plans.

Does Comcast have INSP channel?

Yes, every subscriber of Xfinity has access to the INSP channel. Since the channel was created, Xfinity has embraced the brand and its programming.

How much is INSP channel on Roku?

frndly TV You can also stream the INSP channel with frndlyTV on Roku. This streaming service is subscription based. So, you have to buy a plan for $5.99/month. You will get 19 channels and also a 7 day free trial.

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Where can I watch INSP for free?

Watch all of your INSP original favorites, right here on – for FREE.

Who streams Gunsmoke?

Gunsmoke – CBS – Watch on Paramount Plus.

Is Frndly TV free?

Frndly TV is an affordable live TV streaming service that provides a way to watch Hallmark Channel, UPtv, Game Show Network, The Weather Channel, and more with plans starting at just $5.99 per month after a 1-week trial.

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