Question: What Was Metroid’s Inspiration?

The original Metroid was influenced by two other major Nintendo franchises: Mario, from which it borrowed extensive areas of platform jumping, and The Legend of Zelda, from which it borrowed non-linear exploration. The game differed in its atmosphere of solitude and foreboding.

What inspired Samus?

As it turns out, though, Samus was inspired by another iconic ’80s actress: Kim Basinger. Even Samus’ voice was said to have been inspired by the popular actress from movies like 9 1/2 Weeks and My Stepmother Is An Alien. It’s a less obvious influence — but once you see it, you’ll never unsee it.

Who is Samus Aran based off of?

Sakamoto noted that during the course of the Metroid series, developers constantly try to express her femininity without sexually objectifying her. Samus’s image was based on actress Sigourney Weaver in her role as Ellen Ripley from Aliens, and actress Kim Basinger from 9½ Weeks and My Stepmother Is an Alien.

Is Ridley inspired by Alien?

However, there are more aliens in “Metroid” than its signature round blob, and some of those have connections to “Alien,” too. Ridley, Samus’ nemesis in several games, looks like a giant pterodactyl, but his name comes directly from the director of “Alien.”

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What film inspired the Metroid series?

The most cited movie reference that Metroid attributes its world to, the Alien franchise is where the original Metroid team got almost all of their ideas from, particularly the original Alien film from 1979.

Was Samus originally a man?

OK, OK, so everyone everywhere knows about how Samus Aran was originally a dude. The developers switched her gender over to female partway through development of the first Metroid, then only revealed her womanliness in the ending credits if you completed the game fast enough.

Does Samus still have Metroid DNA?

She was fused with Chozo DNA to survive on Zebes, corrupted by Phazon (and eventually freed from it), and in Fusion, she was injected with a vaccine made from Metroid DNA.

How did Samus get her suit?

Two specific models are well-known: the first was a suit given to Samus in her teenage years by the Chozo who raised her (seen in Metroid: Zero Mission). After being attacked by Space Pirates, Samus lost the ability to summon her suit, and was briefly forced to proceed in her Zero Suit.

Does Samus have love interest?

15 Samus Has Only Ever Had One Love Interest Kevin from Captain N. Captain N: The Game Master was a Nintendo themed cartoon series that began in 1989.

Why is Ridley Red in Super Metroid?

The Ridley clone’s blood is green, as shown in Other M. This is a common trope for alien creatures in science fiction environments. However, Ridley’s blood is shown to be red in Corruption during the boss battle on Norion before he falls down the shaft.

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Is Ridley dead in Metroid?

Ridley killed by the Queen Metroid A weakened, heavily wounded Ridley was later seen at the mercy of a large creature (which turned out to be a Queen Metroid). Though Ridley made a vain attempt to escape, he is quickly killed.

Is Ridley based on a Xenomorph?

Ridley’s original design resembles a Xenomorph, most notably with his elongated head, comparatively small mouth, and long pointed tail. The Xenomorph Aliens have a second mouth on their tongues which is round and has many teeth.

Will there be a Metroid 5?

Initially introduced as Metroid 5, the game’s reveal trailer was part of the Nintendo Direct at E3 2021. It was the very first look we got at the E.M.M.I., an enemy that stalks Samus and can instantly kill her as she explores the unfamiliar terrain of the planet ZDR.

Is Ridley named after Ridley Scott?

He is named after Ridley Scott, director of the 1979 film Alien, which has been described by character designer Yoshio Sakamoto as a “huge influence” on the world of the Metroid series.

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