Question: What Is The Inspiration Behind Vetements?

The brand is known for casting its models from Instagram and other unusual places, and collections have taken inspiration from far-flung areas such as death metal, office workers, kitchen aprons and more.

How did Vetements start?

VETEMENTS (from vêtements [vɛtmɑ͂], French for “clothing”) started in 2014 as a luxury fashion brand and “design collective” founded by Georgian fashion designer Demna Gvasalia and Guram Gvasalia (CEO of the company).

Why is Vetements so expensive?

Why Vetements Is So Expensive Guram named choice in factories and fabrics alongside shipping as the reasons Vetements is so pricey — no surprise here. “It is never when people save up,” he said. “They can buy this one piece that they cherish for a longer time.”

Is Vetements a luxury brand?

Vetements, the influential streetwear-meets-luxury brand known for rewriting the rules of fashion (or trolling shoppers with $1,000 hoodies, depending on whom you ask), has revealed its latest scheme: a new brand that’s short on vowels but heavy on items.

Which famous French clothing label did DHL collaborate with in 2016?

In 2016, people went crazy for T-shirts made by Vetements, who chose to showcase the DHL logo in a completely new red and yellow light. That’s right, we said DHL.

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Are Vetements relevant?

In just three years, the brand achieved $120 million in revenue. Still, it was precisely that over-exposure that killed the niche brand. In March of 2018, Highsnobiety published a report quoting an anonymous North American retailer, who said, “from a retail perspective, Vetements is completely dead. ”

Who runs Vetements now?

The brand was founded as a collective — there were 18 members in 2015 — and Gvasalia’s brother Guram remains chief executive.

Are Vetements Italian?

Vetements (from vêtements [vɛtmɑ͂], French for “clothing”) is a French clothing and footwear “design collective” and brand founded by fashion designer Demna Gvasalia in 2014 and designed by a collective including his brother Guram and five other friends who have previous experience at Maison Margiela, Louis Vuitton,

Is Vetements going out of business?

In March 2018, the streetwear publication Highsnobiety published a report citing an anonymous North American retailer who said that, “from a retail standpoint, Vetements is completely dead.”

What happened to Vetements?

Highsnobiety has declared Vetements dead. After identifying slash-price wares from the Paris-turned-Swiss-based brand across the web and talking to buyers, many of whom testified to the wild drop in demand for Demna Gvasalia’s label, Vetements has been deemed “completely dead” from a retail standpoint.

How do I know if my Vetements are legit?

After inspecting the front side of the Vetements neck tag, move onto the backside. There you should find the name of the brand’s founder – Demna Gvasalia. The authentic text would be located in the lower half of the neck tag, the font would also be thin and horizontally stretched.

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Who is Lotta Volkova?

Lotta Volkova is one of the key figures behind Vetements ‘ rapid climb through the ranks of Paris’s fashion establishment. Commissioned to style her first photo shoot by German fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth, Volkova’s styling career advanced quickly.

What is the meaning of Les Vetements?

[vɛtmɑ̃ ] masculine noun. garment ⧫ item of clothing.

Why is DHL fashion?

On top of all that, our worldwide presence provides businesses with access to new markets around the globe. At DHL we love fashion, which is why we’re engaged in the industry beyond logistics – as a promoter of talented young designers, sponsor of prestigious awards, and champion of sustainability in fashion.

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