Question: How Does The Story, The Devil And Tom Walker, Demonstrate Inspiration?

The inspiration for the story, according to the e-notes introduction, might have come from the German romantic writer, Faust. His story though had the one who made the pact with the devil winning love as well as money. Irving’s character, Tom Walker, only wants money.

What is the lesson that the story teaches The Devil and Tom Walker?

The moral in “The Devil in Tom Walker” is that if you sell your soul to the devil to get what you want, it will end up destroying you. When we say “sell your soul” it is usually a metaphor.

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Where did Irving get his inspiration to write The Devil and Tom Walker from?

Irving had travelled widely in Germany by the time he wrote ‘ “The Devil and Tom Walker,” and it can be assumed that he was familiar with German Romantic writer Jo-hann Goethe’s version of the tale which was published in Goethe’s novel Faust.

What is the main point of The Devil and Tom Walker?

The main themes in “The Devil and Tom Walker” are greed, corruption, and misery. Greed: Tom’s greed is his downfall, and his repentance at the end of the story does not change his fate. Corruption: As soon as Tom accepts Old Scratch’s deal, he spends the rest of his life miserable and alone, corrupted by his greed.

What was Irving’s purpose in writing The Devil and Tom Walker?

I think Washington Irving’s main purpose for writing “The Devil and Tom Walker” was to critique and warn of the dangers of greed. In the story, Tom Walker meets a man in the woods who is implied to be the Devil. Tom is in an unhappy marriage and wants nothing more than to be rich.

What is the authors message in The Devil and Tom Walker?

In The Devil And Tom Walker, the author’s purpose in writing is to warn against avarice and selfishness; he appeals to anyone who thinks that he/she can gamble the happiness of his/her life for shady gain. His message is that it does not pay to covet wealth at any cost.

What does the devil symbolize in The Devil and Tom Walker?

The Devil and Tom Walker – Emblems / Symbols: The Devil = evil, temptation, and the road to hell. The Swamp = the shorcut full of “pits and quagmires,” in other words this is a trap. Trees=look good on the outside, but rotten at the core.

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How did the church people view Tom’s violent religious devotion?

From Washington Irving’s negative description of Tom’s “violent” religious devotion, what can you infer that people in the 1720s thought about “public conversions” to religion by people who only acted holy at church? They thought the people were being hypocritical (fake).

What does Irving symbolize in hypocrisy and hidden evil?

Irving uses Tom Walker himself to symbolize hypocrisy and hidden evil. The devil mentions knowing Tom’s father. If the devil is telling the truth, Tom had never realized his father had also sold his soul to the devil.

How does Tom’s refusal of this venture represent what was happening in the country at the time?

Terms in this set (10) How does Tom’s refusal of the devil’s first suggestion for the money represent what was happening in the country at that time? The devil grabs Tom, who is totally unaware, and puts him on the back of his black horse.

What do you learn about the relationship of Tom and his wife through indirect characterization?

(B) What do you learn about the relationship of Tom and his wife through indirect characterization? The wife of Tom Walker, she is unpleasant and miserly, just like her husband, with a fierce temper and a quick tongue. We learn that their relationship is not the best of one, they fight and argue all the time.

What details refer to the devil’s dealings in America?

What details suggest at once that he comes from a region of hellfire? What details refer to the devil’s special dealings in America? The first description of the devil in this story is that he is begrimed with soot and ash, which implies that he had come from hellfire, and his face was neither black nor copper-color.

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What are some character traits of Tom Walker and his wife?

What character traits do Tom Walker and his wife share? Tom and his wife are both miserly, grasping, mean-spirited, and without conscience.

What do you think Irving’s primary purpose in writing this story?

Arguably, Irving wrote this story as a warning to his readers that living a life motivated by financial gain will only bring misery. He shows this clearly through the character of Tom Walker. When he makes a deal with the devil, he agrees to become a moneylender in return for the treasure.

What is the lesson Irving wants his readers to learn from this story?

Lesson Summary In summary, Irving’s story ‘The Devil and Tom Walker’ is a moral tale warning its readers against greed and corruption. Irving illustrates this moral through the use of an allegory, where the characters, objects and plot represent more than simple elements of the story.

What point does Irving make about values with this story?

Later on in the story, Irving critiques Puritan values by addressing how the church members react to Tom’s zealous attitude towards religion. He writes, Indeed, one might always tell when he had sinned most during the week, by the clamor of his Sunday devotion.

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