Question: Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique – What Was His Inspiration To Compose This Work?

On 3 October 1833, Berlioz married Harriet Smithson. Berlioz went on to write various works inspired by Shakespeare, including Roméo et Juliette and Béatrice et Bénédict, and his infatuation with Smithson inspired his great Symphonie fantastique.

Why did Hector Berlioz compose Symphonie fantastique?

Berlioz then wrote Symphonie fantastique as a way to express his unrequited love. Smithson did not attend the premiere in 1830, but she heard the work in 1832 and realized Berlioz’s genius. The two finally met and were married on 3 October 1833.

Who was Berlioz inspired by?

Berlioz also heard two operas by Gaspare Spontini, a composer who influenced him through their friendship, and whom he later championed when working as a critic. From then on, he devoted himself to composition.

Who was the inspiration behind Symphonie fantastique?

Berlioz went on to write various works inspired by Shakespeare, including Roméo et Juliette and Béatrice et Bénédict, and his infatuation with Smithson inspired his great Symphonie fantastique. Berlioz’s obssession with Smithson grew. He rented rooms near her and sent her letters – but to no avail.

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Who composed Symphonie fantastique?

The story is a self-portrait of its composer, Hector Berlioz. Hector Berlioz was born in 1803 in La Cote St André, a small town near the French Alps. His mother was a devout Catholic and his father a noted doctor. At twelve, Berlioz discovered music.

What form is Symphonie fantastique?

‘ Though loosely based on sonata form, the Symphonie fantastique is unified by Berlioz’s use of an idée fixe. Berlioz used this term to describe the recurring theme that represents his love and obsession for Harriet Smithson.

What instruments are in Symphonie fantastique?

Instrumentation: Two flutes, piccolo, two oboes plus off-stage oboe, English horn, two clarinets, piccolo clarinet, four bassoons, four horns, two trumpets, two cornets, three trombones, two tubas, timpani, percussion, two harps and strings.

What is the first movement of Symphonie fantastique?

Symphonie Fantastique is cast in five movements: the first a dream, the second a ball where the artist is haunted by the sight of his beloved. After a country scene, the fourth movement slips into nightmare: “Convinced that his love is spurned, the artist poisons himself with opium,” explained Berlioz.

What is the second movement of Symphonie Fantastique?

The second movement has a mysterious-sounding introduction that creates an atmosphere of impending excitement, followed by a passage dominated by two harps; then the flowing waltz theme appears, derived from the idée fixe at first, then transforming it. More formal statements of the idée fixe twice interrupt the waltz.

What movement of Symphonie Fantastique is also known as a dream?

Fifth Movement: “Songe d’une nuit du sabbat” (Dream of the Night of the Sabbath)

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Which Beethoven symphony or symphonies influenced Berlioz’s composition of the Symphonie Fantastique?

Fourth Symphony in B flat op. This symphony was a particular favourite of Berlioz’s, who played it at his concerts in Russia in 1867-8.

When was Symphonie Fantastique composed?

Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique is a celebrated example of program music. In contrast to abstract instrumental music (that is, music without pictorial or verbal allusions), program music intentionally re-creates visual and literary ideas by musical means.

What book influenced the 5th movement of Symphonie Fantastique?

Theme from “Songe d’une nuit de sabbat” (“Dream of the Witches’ Sabbath”), the fifth movement of Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique, Op.

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