Often asked: Where Did Vivienne Westwood Draw Inspiration?

For the next two decades she created collections that took inspiration from classical sources, notably the paintings of Jean-Honoré Fragonard, François Boucher, and Thomas Gainsborough, as well as historical British dress, including the 19th-century bustle, which Westwood incorporated under elaborate knitwear dresses

What inspired Vivienne Westwood?

Westwood relied less and less on McLaren’s direct input for her next set of collections, which were all inspired by images of indigenous people she’d seen in the pages of National Geographic magazine. The most influential was Buffalo Girls/Nostalgia of Mud (Autumn/Winter 1982).

Where is Vivienne Westwood based?

In 1971, Mclaren opened a boutique shop at 430 Kings Road in London and started filling it with Westwood’s designs. While the name of the shop seemed to be in constant flux — it was changed five times — it proved to be an important fashion center for the punk movement.

How did Vivienne Westwood begin designing fashions?

Vivienne began by making Teddy Boy clothes for McLaren and in 1971 they opened Let it Rock at 430 Kings Road. By 1972 the designer’s interests had turned to biker clothing, zips and leather. The shop was re-branded with a skull and crossbones and renamed Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die.

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What is Collette Dinnigan signature look?

Lace is Collette Dinnigan’s signature material – one she has used throughout her career. This collaboration has resulted in a range of fresh, modern and unique lace designs and finishes for her collections.

How did Vivienne Westwood influence punk?

Westwood, a former schoolteacher, was the seamstress in the SEX shop partnership with McLaren and made manifest their combined punk vision through her creations. SEX was the center of the punk fashion scene and many young punks hung out, worked, or bought clothes there when they could afford them.

What is a mini Crini?

The Mini-Crini, designed for a collection of the same name in 1985, combines the construction of the Victorian crinoline with the modern mini-skirt. First fashionable in the 1860s, this highly structured outfit, consisting of a belted jacket and matching knee breeches, was designed to be worn while shooting.

What is Vivienne Westwood’s aesthetic?

The aesthetic characteristics of Vivienne Westwood’s design vastly divided into Parody and the Punk Couture. Westwood’s parody is exprssed by british materials, that is traditional British tailoring, dressmaking techniques, traditional british fabrics and her debt to the past.

Which British designer is known for designing for royalty?

Sir Norman Bishop Hartnell, KCVO (12 June 1901 – 8 June 1979) was a leading British fashion designer, best known for his work for the ladies of the royal family. Hartnell gained the Royal Warrant as Dressmaker to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in 1940, and Royal Warrant as Dressmaker to Queen Elizabeth II in 1957.

How much money does Vivienne Westwood make?

Vivienne Westwood Net Worth: Vivienne Westwood is an English fashion designer who has a net worth of $50 million. Born as Vivienne Isabel Swire and now Dame Vivienne Westwood, she is best known for bringing punk elements into modern fashion, as well as new wave designs.

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Who was Malcolm McLaren married to?

430 King’s Road, Vivienne Westwood and New York Dolls To part-fund the business, in February 1972 McLaren was paid £50 to marry a former Goldsmiths fellow student, Jocelyn Hakim, so that she could achieve British citizenship.

Which designer runs the most successful publicly traded company in the fashion business?

Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American publicly traded fashion company that was founded in 1967 by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

What is Vivienne Westwood signature design?

The obvious signature of Vivienne Westwood would be the classic orb logo, often seen embroidered on the chest of a polo shirt or carefully engraved onto the front of a leather bag, the orb is the most pronounced indication of a Westwood design.

What is Rei Kawakubo known for?

Rei Kawakubo, (born October 11, 1942, Tokyo, Japan), self- taught Japanese fashion designer known for her avant-garde clothing designs and her high-fashion label, Comme des Garçons (CDG), founded in 1969. Kawakubo’s iconoclastic vision made her one of the most influential designers of the late 20th century.

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