FAQ: Who Received Inspiration About Big Bang Theory?

In 2017, an avid fan of The Big Bang Theory suggested, via Quora, that Sheldon Cooper may have been inspired by real-life physicist Sheldon Lee Glashow. For one, Glashow and Cooper both have a Nobel Prize to their name.

Who was the inspiration for Sheldon Cooper?

The character of Sheldon Cooper was inspired by a computer programmer personally known to series co-creator Bill Prady. He and his friend Leonard Hofstadter are named in honor of actor/producer Sheldon Leonard and Nobel Prize Laureate Leon Cooper.

Is The Big Bang Theory based on real life?

What you might not know is that Sheldon Cooper was actually based on a real person. According to NPR, the character of Sheldon Cooper was inspired by a computer programmer that Bill Prady, The Big Bang Theory co-creator, knew back in the ’80s.

What is Leonard Hofstadter’s IQ?

Work. Leonard has an IQ of 173, and was 24 years old when he received his PhD from Princeton University. Leonard also received a dissertation of the year award for his doctoral paper on experimental particle physics.

Who is Jim Parsons wife?

Swedish chemist, engineer and industrialist Alfred Nobel established the five Nobel prizes (Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physics, and Physiology or Medicine) in 1895. In the context of the show both Leonard and Sheldon dream of one day winning the Nobel Prize in Physics.

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Is Sheldon actually smart in real life?

The actor behind the character of Sheldon Cooper might not be a genius in the technical sense, but there’s no denying that he is pretty brilliant in his own way. Jim Parsons, who was born in 1973, initially studied at the University of Houston, and went on to attend the University of San Diego.

Why are sheldons hands so red?

It’s the actor (Jim Parsons) – he has OCD and apparently a terrible hand-washing problem. Thus, his hands always look inflamed.

Is Sheldon Cooper rich?

So it’s no surprise Sheldon is very good with money and, in fact, quite affluent thanks to his organisational skills and his high-status job at CalTech – so where does the plot hole lie?

What is Raj IQ?

4 Raj- ~170.

What is Howard Wolowitz IQ?

Howard’s IQ could roughly come up to 150, which easily makes him much more intelligent than most people.

Who is the smartest in Tbbt?

1 Sheldon Has An IQ Of 187 It can’t be much of a surprise that Sheldon Cooper comes out as the smartest (intelligence-wise) in the group. He did attend college at the age of 11, after all.

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