FAQ: What Was The Inspiration For Dion Dimuchi Run Around Sue Song?

Dion DiMucci recalls how a basement party in the Bronx in 1960 inspired ‘Runaround Sue’

What genre is Runaround Sue?

16, Dion, 76, recently looked back at “Runaround Sue,” the song’s evolution and subterranean roots.

What does a runaround mean?

1: deceptive or delaying action especially in response to a request tired of getting the runaround. 2: matter typeset in shortened measure to run around something (such as a cut)

Is Celine Dion age?

People have long assumed that the “Sue” in Dion’s Runaround Sue (1961) was named for his long-time wife, the woman Dion married more than 50 years ago. Turns out the song’s namesake wasn’t his spouse but a girl named Sue who worked at a Manhattan nightclub and didn’t run around at all.

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