FAQ: How To Sell Drugs Online Fast Inspiration?

The creators were inspired by the case of a real-life German teenage drug lord: Maximilian Schmidt. Netflix followed up the hit series with a documentary about the young man that has just aired — Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord.

Is how do you sell drugs online fast based on real life?

The series is inspired by a true story that took place in Leipzig in 2015. Maximilian Schmidt, the inspiration for the television series, was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Is Moritz Zimmermann a real person?

The real person behind the character Moritz Zimmermann in the Netflix Original series How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is Maximilian Schmidt. His true story inspired the hit German series and is now the subject of the documentary Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord.

Is Shiny Flakes a true story?

The feature-length documentary film tells the true story of Maximilian Schmidt, known by his online alias Shiny Flakes, who built an online drug empire from his childhood bedroom. In February 2015, at the age of 19, Maximilian was arrested for selling 4.1 million euros worth of drugs over the space of 14 months.

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What happened Moritz Zimmermann?

When he was finally caught, police found around 4.1 million euros’ worth of drugs in his bedroom. He was tried as a minor for his crimes and ended up serving seven years in prison, despite his kingpin lifestyle.

How do I sell drugs Season 3?

The official release date for How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) season 3 is July 27, 2021. For more updates, as they come out on How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) season 3 as they come out, make sure to follow Netflix Life.

Who is MIA in how do you sell drugs online?

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (TV Series 2019– ) – Hannah Hoekstra as Mia – IMDb.

Do Lisa and Moritz stay together?

Therefore, all hopes for a romance between Lisa and Moritz haven’t been lost, but at the moment, they are not together.

Is how do you sell online a real story?

Netflix has the true story. Teenagers dealing drugs online — that is a story Netflix tells in the award-winning series How to Sell Drugs Online (fast). The third season just went online last week. The creators were inspired by the case of a real-life German teenage drug lord: Maximilian Schmidt.

Will there be another season of how do you sell drugs online fast?

Renewal Status – Not Renewed (last Updated: July 26, 2021) The climax of the third installment has created hype among the audience and they are demanding more. But, unfortunately, as of now, “How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” Season 3 is a new entry to the Netflix world.

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Is how do you sell drugs online worth watching?

How to sell drugs online is thrilling, emotional, funny, and engaging all at the same time. The visuals are stunning and the pacing is amazing. The show is very unique as well in its own way and is a great watch for teenagers/adults alike.

Does Maximilian Schmidt have Instagram?

Maximilian Schmidt (@djmaximilianschmidt) • Instagram photos and videos.

What happened to shiny flakes?

Where is Shiny Flakes now? Maximilian Schmidt is currently under investigation for a new alleged crime. The documentary Shiny Flakes shows that in March 2021, Schmidt was placed under a new investigation as he was allegedly one of several people behind a new drug selling website.

Will we sell drugs online Season 4?

There is a chance that the show could start shooting its new season in 2021, but it might be more plausible to expect production to begin in 2022. If How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) starts filming soon, we could expect the season 4 release date will be in 2022.

What happened at the end of how do you sell drugs online?

Mo’s Inner-Circle is Finally Happy A major benefit of the laptop is that Mo can Skype his friends as well, and we see Dan and Fritz embarking on a romantic relationship, with Lenny, Kira and Gerda all in good stead, especially as Lenny’s cancer treatment is going well.

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