Daily Inspiration From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari?

In the much-anticipated Daily Inspiration from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma distills the most powerful ideas from his #1 international bestseller The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, as well as from each of the books in the series that followed, into an easy-to-read perpetual calendar format designed to make

What is the moral of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari?

‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,’ is one of the most empowering books of all time. The book primarily teaches how to build a life that guarantees long-lasting happiness, and fulfillment. It enlightens you that focusing on building your inner life is more important than building your outer life.

Why should I read The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari?

This inspiring tale provides a step-by-step approach to living with greater courage, balance, abundance, and joy. A wonderfully crafted fable, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari tells the extraordinary story of Julian Mantle, a lawyer forced to confront the spiritual crisis of his out-of-balance life.

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Is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari a good book?

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny, by Robin Sharma, is an interesting book — as the subtitle suggests, it’s a fable, and it’s one that will certainly make you give some thought to your life, your goals, your dreams and how your daily habits help you reach those

Who is Julian in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari?

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari tells the extraordinary story of Julian Mantle, a lawyer forced to confront the spiritual crisis of his out-of-balance life, and the subsequent wisdom that he gains on a life-changing odyssey that enables him to create a life of passion, purpose and peace.

What can we learn from Robin Sharma?

During his talk, Robin Sharma literally fueled each one us to think beyond what is established and to believe that everything is possible in life if you overcome your fears and work hard to achieve your dreams. He further went on to share that, every dream starts small.

Who wrote The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari?

Robin Sharma, the bestselling author of ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, first published in 1999, is an International Leadership Professional Guru who is credited with having written 15 books on leadership. He has been guiding people to live a better life, by drawing inspiration from his own life experiences.

Who has Robin Sharma worked with?

Robin has been speaking for almost two decades, sharing his insights on effective leadership and he’s considered to be a world-class speaker and expert on leadership principles. He’s been invited to speak at several large organizations including PwC, FedEx, Oracle, HP, Nike, Microsoft, GE, and even NASA.

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When was The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari published?

“It”s an imaginary place.” But soon fans of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, will find Shivana on the big screen in a movie adaptation of Sharma”s bestselling book. “The book has touched the lives of many people,” says the Toronto-based-author, who”s in Mumbai to work out the details of the movie version.

Is Robin Sharma Julian Mantle?

Julian Mantle is the main character in The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. After a heart attack, Julian has a wake-up call and gives up his stressful life.

How many copies sold of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari?

With more than four million copies sold in 51 languages, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari launched a bestselling series and continues to help people from every walk of life live with far greater success, happiness and meaning in these times of dramatic uncertainty.

Who owns Ferrari now?

Ferrari’s largest single shareholder today is Exor NV, a company controlled by descendants of Giovanni Agnelli, one of Fiat’s original founders. Piero Ferrari continues to hold his 10 percent stake.

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