life happens


In the beginning of March, I thought that I could write daily for the Slice of Life Challenge this month than life happened. During difficult and stressful times, it’s ok to say no to some things so that you take care of yourself. I was not feeling like I could add any more items to my full plates. As I’m day 2 of our spring break, I am trying to write again. However, it might just be another form of procrastination for me as my to-do list over spring break is much longer than I originally imagined it to be. I’m procrastinating writing a final paper for my doctorate class, grading student work, and Marie kondo-ing my apartment as I’ll be moving out in a few months.

As I watch the news and talk to friends and family back in the States, I can’t help but be incredibly thankful for my health, living in Singapore, and friends and family that are safe and healthy during lock-downs. As anxiety levels continue to rise everywhere and Covid-19 continues to spread, I’m trying to keep things in perspective and positive. I’m thankful that Singapore has not gone to lock-down (schools have not been shut down by the gov’t), how the government has been very clear in communicating the situation, and pro-active in putting protocols in place to protect people since January.

It seems like sometimes the best thing to do is to stay off social media and news, connect with friends and family (virtually), and take breaks by going for walks.

What have you been doing to get through this difficult time? 

Slice of life challenge day 2: returning home


Yesterday, I came home from school and saw something small at our doorstep. To my surprise, it was our Starbucks bear (dressed as a penguin) keychain waiting for our return with no note or explanation. I couldn’t help but smile that it found it’s way back home after a few months in the hands of another “owner”.  We thought that it was gone forever.

A few months ago on the elevator, my husband was joined by a little girl that lives down the hallway from our apartment. She caught eye of my husband’s cute keychain and held onto it. She didn’t want to let it go. Her helper (nanny) was only with her and unable to get her to return it. My husband took the rest of the keys off from the keychain and let her keep the bear.

We are not close to our neighbors here in Singapore. We don’t see or interact with them much, except for an occasional elevator ride when our busy paths cross. I wonder whether our bear is happy to be back home.


Slice of Life Challenge Day #1: dusting off the cobwebs


Yesterday, I realized that it was almost March, which meant the slice of life story challenge was starting. I remembered how dedicated I was to writing daily during the month of March and encouraged my students to participate in the classroom challenge. However, it has been a few years since I last participated. I thought for a brief moment of joining the challenge, but then, I told myself, there’s no way you could add anything else to my already full plate.

Sunday morning came along, post-workout, eating my favorite olive bread and a chai latte in a cafe by myself when my family group chat started pinging. My dad sent us a video with photos of my halmoni (grandmother) and reminded us that March 1st was the anniversary of my her death.  In response, my brother sent us a copy of the eulogy he had written 6 years ago, and while eating my bread, tears started to flow. Luckily, there were only a few other people in the cafe. After much contemplation, I decided to post on my instastory the video and eulogy to remember her and to share her incredible story.

I received messages from friends about my posts and a fellow slice of life friend asked if I was going to slice this year. I responded that I really should this year and asked if she was going to join. She said she was as well.

So here I am, with 10 minutes to go until March 1st ends (Singapore time zone). I can’t wait to share more about what has been going on since I last posted 2 years ago…

If you feel inspired, please join in the challenge with me. It’s pretty incredible what one month of writing daily can do for you, whether you consider yourself a writer or not.