the month of march

blogging alongside my students

The Month of March

Everyday a new post is up,
from 22 fifth grade writers faced with a challenge.
Small moments transformed into slices of life,
captured through photos, poems, and stories.

Everyday I learn something new,
about the lives of our students.
Reading all the posts,
leaving as many comments as I can.
When school is out,
a tidal wave of comments,
and a flurry of e-mails fill my inbox,
as new comments are posted.

Everyday I laugh, I smile, and I wonder.
I appreciate, I marvel, and I enjoy,
these slices of our daily lives:

Unexpectedly getting soaked in the rain,
six hour Irish dance rehearsals,
learning to ride a bike,
competing in lego robotics competition,
ordering the newest Rubik’s cubes,
a haiku on zelda,
poems on favorite foods and places like Paris,
failures and successes with slime.
Did you know we love making slime?

Unfortunate rope burns and big toes hurting,
making omelettes with family,
when your Spanish class turns into a jungle,
playing tennis when the rain comes,
playing basketball,
doing the daily routine,
cleaning your mind,
watching movies with friends,
and saying goodbye to close friends.

All these separate slices,
fitting together everyday,
creating the story of our lives.

14 thoughts on “the month of march

    • jee young says:

      Thanks!! I confess, it’s not easy finding the time, but I need to do it along with my students! Glad to see you blogging for the challenge as well! 🙂

  1. Michelle Haseltine says:

    I love how this poem ends,
    “All these separate slices,
    fitting together everyday,
    creating the story of our lives.”

    What a beautiful way to share your experience and that of your students with the reader. Awesome!

  2. isbergamanda says:

    I enjoyed reading your poem. Thanks for sharing.

    My third graders are still just getting used to the idea of doing the slice of life challenge. I am trying to encourage them to get past writing a list of their daily routine. For some reason, they are not making the connection that they should provide details and descriptions on their blog posts just like they would on their normal writing assignments. You give me hope!

    • jee young says:

      Thank you for sharing about your students! It can be hard to get students started with the idea of a slice of life. I tried to build on our personal narrative unit and emphasized that it’s a small moment from their day. Also, I encouraged students to use poetry as well, and some students seem to enjoy that. Definitely modeling what slice of life posts can look like with my writing helped to! I’m sure with practice, you students will get better with it!

  3. Denise Krebs says:

    What a beautiful snapshot of your students’ progress. We are a class of English language learners trying to participate in the Slice of Life too. It’s been a struggle, but a few are committed to write every day. I look forward to them growing in their language skills through this.

    You and your students continue to inspire me!

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