city life @ reykjavik

During our stay we enjoyed some time to rest and rejuvenate in Reykjavik, which was much needed at times. Some of the highlights (in no particular order) in the city were:

  1. Lunch at bergsson mathus– Delicious local food, place to people watch, and wifi
  2. View of the city from the tower at the hallgrímskirkja church.
  3. Waffles at Mokka-Kaffi
  4. Exploring inside the Harpa building
  5. Lobster soup at Saaegreifinn
  6. Fish & chips (obviously) at Icelandic fish & chips (Make a reservation beforehand online if you can.)
  7. Walking and shopping on Laugavegur and all the side streets.
  8. Ice cream from valdis
  9. Burger & fries from Roadhouse
  10. Hotdog with everything from the famous hotdog stand- baejarins beztu pylsur

Despite what people say, I thought the food was pretty good! We also did buy snacks and food from Kronan. It definitely was worth getting an airbnb and being able to cook for some of our meals, since eating out can get quite pricey. Being Korean, we also brought a good stash of shin ramen, seaweed, and rice (microwaveable).

I do have to say, I think in our week stay in Iceland, I never ate so many hotdogs in my life. The hotdogs were definitely different tasting because I heard they use more sheep meat. Also, I loved the fried onions they put inside. It added a good texture to it. So if you are heading off to Iceland, be prepared to eat a lot of hotdogs and Skyr yogurt. DSC_0133DSC_0140DSC_0143DSC_0144DSC_0147DSC_0150DSC_0151DSC_0155DSC_0162DSC_0183DSC_0182DSC_0175

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