Rooted @ Railay Beach

One of the things that stuck out about Railay beach was the mangroves. When the tide was out, you would see the interlocking roots about the sand, and it was quite the sight. We stayed on the side of the beach with the mangroves at a nice and not too expensive resort (Bhu Nga Thani Resort), and I was reminded of a few things. God is faithful- like the tide comes in and out every day. God’s faithfulness in our life is constant and something you can depend on. Even when things look dismal, God is always working in every single moment of your life. Don’t lose hope. IMG_1024IMG_1264When the tide would go out, and the mangroves were exposed with their roots, I was pretty amazed at how twisted and intricate they were. I was reminded that the roots you have (the things that anchor you down) can make a big impact.  Often, these roots might not show on your outer surface, but these are things that keep you grounded (family, faith, friends, etc…). These mangroves didn’t get swept up by the ocean when the tide came in. I felt like God was reminding me of the importance of being “rooted” in Him.

In the end, I loved exploring and relaxing at Railay beach. Sunset was probably my favorite time of the day, as we watched from the beach the sun slowly going down in the horizon. Krabi, Thailand is definitely a place worth visiting, if you need a place for rest, relaxation, and scenic views.


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