the karl experience

With much anticipation and curiosity, I attended my first secret dining event armed with my camera and an empty stomach. 24 hours before the event, a text arrived giving an address to a secret location, which ended up conveniently being  right near my home! When we arrived outside a strange warehouse and saw the blue light coming from a window, we knew we were at the right place. As we walked up the shady flight of stairs, when we saw a guy with a huge afro wig nodding his head like he was sleeping outside a door , it looked like we made it. Did we need a secret password? Was this guy going to wake up all of a sudden? So I made Jenni try to get in first.

Well we ended up waiting for a bit outside then of course waking up Ethan (pronounced Eeeethan), who ended up being our bubbly waiter. They had a bar right at the entrance and we were immediately served yummy welcome drinks. They showed us our tables and were immediately greeted by the various staff members who each had their own persona.

Even though the food wasn’t as futuristic as I was expecting, this was definitely a memorable evening, full of drama (Asian Karl Lagerfeld coming back from the future), an interactive fashion show, and even a birthday song for two of the people at our random table. A special thank you to Jenni for inviting me to attend with her and you can read more about the specific details about the experience in her Sassy Singapore article! 🙂

karlexperience-0931 karlexperience-0934 karlexperience-0940 karlexperience-0944 karlexperience-0946 karlexperience-0951 karlexperience-0956 karlexperience-0959 karlexperience-0964 karlexperience-0967 karlexperience-0968 karlexperience-0972 karlexperience-0977 karlexperience-0978karlexperience-0990karlexperience-1016 karlexperience-1030

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