four days in langkawi

I managed to squeeze one more trip before my summer ended with a four day trip to Langkawi, Malaysia. We stayed in this boutique hotel called temple tree. It was only a 10 minute drive from the airport. We loved the unique furniture inside our villa, including a wooden bathtub right in the master bedroom. I would recommend this place, but you will definitely have to rent a car to make it easier to access all the places including the beach and other sites easily. Our trip started off with going parasailing on Cenang beach and getting the local rate to exploring the entire island in our cozy manual rental car by the end of our trip.

Another highlight of the trip was going on the sky tram and crossing the skybridge. It is apparently the longest free span and curve bridge in the world according to their website. The views from above were spectacular. We also hit up the night markets every night which meant incredibly delicious and cheap food (a few ringgits for each dish). My favorite food from the trip was definitely the pisang goreng (banana fritters) from the street stall on our second to last day. We just couldn’t get enough and made Dave keep going back to the stall for me .

In addition to eating really delicious malay food, exploring different beaches, and enjoying scenic rides in our car, it was the down time in our hotel that I enjoyed the best. Whether it was playing games, chilling by the pool, or putting on animal face masks, the company made it all worth it.

Photo cred to dave for taking the parasailing photos! 🙂 

langkawi-0579langkawi-0553langkawi-0537 langkawi-0543 langkawi-0549 langkawi-0552 langkawi-0556 langkawi-0559 langkawi-0566 langkawi-0567 langkawi-0570 langkawi-0595 langkawi-0601 langkawi-0607 langkawi-0612 langkawi-0613 langkawi-0630 langkawi-0651 langkawi-0670 langkawi-0695 langkawi-0698

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