paris in full bloom

I must admit that Paris in June is pretty splendid with sunny weather, flowers in full bloom, and sunlight until 10pm. After a late dinner, going outside the restaurant, and seeing that it was still bright out was mind blowing. I guess living Singapore, where sunrise and sunset is at a constant 7am and 7pm all year long, it was quite a breath of fresh air. So my list of things I love about Paris continues to extend with each visit. Yes, I’m a little obsessed.

It’s hard to not love a place where there are rose gardens everywhere you turn. I think I serendipitously ran into three incredible rose gardens on one of my days there. Seriously, walking around with my camera on the streets of Paris is one of my favorite things. Can I just live here now? Here are a few photos of the incredible greenery. paris-1379paris-0046paris-0043paris-0068 paris-0054 paris-0026paris-0034paris-1406 paris-1422

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