a weekend in telunas

A glimpse into our service learning trip to Telunas, Indonesia via ferry and longboat with fifty-five fifth graders. One week later, I still feel like I’m recovering from the trip, but it was all incredibly worth it. The students were teaching English in a small village there, and then afterwards we enjoyed some fun at the Telunas resort. More thoughts to come later, picture first! 🙂

telunas-0397 telunas-0413telunas-0414 telunas-0517telunas-0415telunas-0522telunas-0523telunas-0574 telunas-0579telunas-0584telunas-0609telunas-0616telunas-0633telunas-0660telunas-0666telunas-0670telunas-0695

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