the ultimate singapore food trail

One of the many reasons I was so excited for my brother’s visit was that I knew that he would be down to eat ANYTHING here. Some visitors tend to be a bit pickier than others about new foods they are willing to try. However, with my brother and his wife, I knew that I could take them anywhere. So I got to take them to some of my favorite places along with some of the must eat places for authentic Singaporean food.

Here’s the list of places we tried and some of the must order dishes and foods we had:

  • Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ Clarke Quay Riverwalk- If you are with a big group, order both the chilli crab & black pepper crab with the fried mantou buns. The salted egg golden prawns are also delicious. This is definitely the go-to touristy place for chilli crab. Make reservations before hand online! jane&brian trip-9005
  • Swee Choon Dim Sum @ 191 Jalan Basar – Considering the cheap prices of the dishes, it’s easy to try a lot of the dishes, especially if you go with a big group. Make sure to try the salted egg yolk buns, xiao long bao,mee suan kuay, sichuan oil chili wanton,egg tarts, and mango-pomelo dessert. Remember, it’s open from 6pm -6am. So go there for dinner or supper!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  • Foong Kee Coffee Shop @ 6 Keong Saik Street- This was my first time trying this place thanks to the recommendation by my friend. This place is known for their char siew. At $3.50 for char siew and rice, this was worth every dollar. Their wanton soup was pretty good as well! Next time, I want to try their noodles.IMG_4610
  • Tian Tian @ Maxwell’s food centre- Chicken rice. Apparently the best place in Singapore, which was evident by the long queue. Honestly, I still can’t taste the difference in chicken rice, but I’ll take everyone’s word that this place is the best.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  • Durian stall @ Balestier – There are a few durian stands along Balestier that are pretty well known. Luckily, even though it’s not durian season, we were able to find some durian. Thanks to Bryce for taking us and eating the majority of the durian!IMG_4616
  • Toastbox- These are everywhere in Singapore,just make sure to try their kaya toast! However, I prefer the peanut thick toast for breakfast.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  • Mozza @ Marina Bay Sands Shoppes- I had to take my guests to my favorite pizza place in Singapore. I usually go for the prosciutto de parma pizza! Jane even stated that it was quite possibly the BEST pizza she has ever tasted. That’s quite a compliment!IMG_4583
  • Tim Ho Wan @ Plaza Singapura- My brother was very adamant about wanting to try pork buns before leaving, so I had to take him here. Yes, they have the best pork buns, and you can’t forget that they are such an affordable 1-Michelin star restaurant here.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  • Salad Stop & Cedele- I admit that we needed at least one “healthier” salad and sandwich meal to balance all the unhealthier food we were eating. Plus, a good western style salad and sandwich are hard to come by in Korea.
  • Landing Point @ the Fullerton Bay Hotel– This is definitely one of my favorite afternoon tea places in Singapore! Even though it’s a bit pricey at about $45++ per person, it’s unlimited tea/coffee/hot drinks, scones, and a 3-tier set full of finger sandwiches and other delicious desserts. The view of the Marina Bay Sands and live music help create a lovely ambience. Make sure to make a reservation beforehand! Afternoon tea is only from 3-5:30pm.
  • jane&brian trip-0485
  • Las Ristrettos @ Novena Medical Centre- The cafe culture is huge here in Singapore. There are always new and hipster friendly cafes sprouting everywhere, it’s often hard to keep track. This place has pretty good food and drinks. It’s also on the eighth floor of a huge medical centre, so you kind of need to know about it. It’s not a place you will stumble upon.
  • Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

If we had a few more days in Singapore, there’s a few more places I would have loved to taken them to eat roti prata, stingray, satay, char kway teow and more…

introducing grumpy rufus

First there was Boo (the world’s cutest dog), then there was grumpy cat, and now, we’re introducing our favorite dog in Singapore: grumpy rufus. Is he asleep, awake, or just giving you the eye? Don’t be fooled by his grumpy demeanor, because he’s full of love inside.  I had a chance to hang out with this grumpster and I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of him in action, which meant: lying on the floor or napping.

According to his owner, he was even smiling when I was petting him, but I mistook it for a frown. Honestly, it’s hard to tell the difference. So before he reaches instacelebrity status, which could happen any day now, follow him on Instagram (@grumpy_rufus) and see more of his adorable grumpy pictures. Make sure to leave comments, and make grumpy rufus’ day! Maybe he’ll even smile for you.

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family time in singapore

As I reflected on 2014, I realized that my entire family had visited me in Singapore this past year. It was pretty much close to a miracle that they were all able to visit. I ended 2014 with a visit from my brother and sister-in-law. It was fun showing them around all the good eats, touristy and non-touristy spots, and introducing them to my friends. Not only did we get to see Singapore from the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, walk the OCBC Sky Walk, explore the Cloud Forest, but I also equally enjoyed time just hanging out in my apartment and introducing them to episodes of Master Chef Junior.

With all the visitors that come, I do make it a mission to tailor each visit depending on what I know about their travel style, budget, and adding in some of my favorites (of course). It’s always an added bonus when we try out places or food that I’ve never done before. For my brother’s visit, I got to check out the OCBS Sky Walk for the first time. It was a pretty good visit, despite the fact that it was an extra windy night, we timed it perfectly so we could see the light show at Gardens by the Bay, and may or may not have adhered to the “spend only 15minutes” rule. The light shows are daily at 7:45pm and 8:45pm. If you are highly motivated, try to catch the 8pm light/water show at MBS,  then walk over to Gardens by the Bay for the 8:45pm show. All shows are free, but the OCBS Sky Walk does cost $5.

It was also cool having my brother taking the majority of the photos on my camera for the visit. He has a pretty good photographic eye, so the majority of photos I’m sharing are taken from him!

Stay tuned for the next post on some of the spots I took them for FOOD. 

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