the good story competition

A friend of mine invited me to attend The Good Story Competition Awards Gala at the National Museum of Singapore last week. I’m glad that I said yes, because it was a night full of inspiration. The Good Story Competition was organized by Our Better World, a Singaporean NGO, which just started 2 years ago. Their vision according to their website is:

“We think stories are magical. And we think people are powerful. Both have the ability to touch the heart, challenge the mind and spark the soul.

So we tell stories, with a focus on Asia, to bring together the magic of stories and the power of people, to inspire change – to make it our better world.

Along with featuring people who are changing lives and whose lives are changed, we pull together a range of tangible, useful actions for you to join the journey.”

The Good Story Competition was the first big event that Our Better World was organizing. They had submissions from filmmakers, professional and amateurs, from all over the world, even though it focused on Asia.  Through this competition, they selected the top videos and many of the film makers came to the awards gala to receive their prizes. Not only did the filmmaker get prize money, but so did the organization that they made their movie on. These short films on various organizations and causes in Asia were all inspiring, heart warming and challenging. Here are some of my favorites from the night!

This film that won for the professional category left quite an impressive on me. The storyline of this film tugged so deeply in my heart and what I feel passionate about: education, orphans, and Jesus. I was reminded me of the vision and hopes that I have as an educator. I would love to visit this school someday soon!

These two other videos also resonated with me. As I watched the work of the people in the medical clinics in Myannmar, I was reminded of my brother Andrew and his wife, Esther. They both have a heart to do this type of work as doctors. They recently were in India, working with a doctor/missionary there and setting up mobile clinics. I hope that we can get more people in the field of medicine to be part of causes like this, because healthcare should be a human right for everyone.

This last clip also really tugged on my heart as well. I love how he was helping the rickshaw drivers become self-sufficient, not just giving them money, but really putting in a system that helps them become actual owners. I’ve realized over the past few years, that it’s not enough to just give money to a cause or group of people, but we need to be giving them the tools that they need to be successful. You can check out more of the videos on the good story competition YouTube channel. I felt so inspired after this night, and I hope that if you felt inspired too, you will help by sharing these stories!


wheeler’s yard {the new cafe on the block}

Wheeler’s yard, the newest hipster cafe and bike atelier in Singapore, just happens to be around the block from me! Finally, a decent cafe in my neighborhood. However, my friends and I made the mistake of going on a public holiday, so it was incredibly busy and packed inside. We had to wait on a long line to order our food, and when we got to order our food they said it would take an hour. Luckily, the food ended up coming out right away.  We were also able to find a table inside, instead of sitting in the open warehouse (NO AC!) section.

They  had the menu on your typical clipboard and brown paper. There was a small selection of brunch items as well as lunch options. I ordered the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with toast. The serving size was pretty big and the eggs were very fluffy and filling. Probably not the best brunch food I’ve had in Singapore, but it was decent. I would want to try some of their lunch options next time, like their burgers and truffle fries.

I was just thrilled by the fact that I could walk here from my apartment, that I’m willing to overlook the average quality in their food. The next time I come,  it will definitely be during the week, and hopefully it’ll be more quiet and calm. I do think that the bike store in a warehouse concept is unique and fun. We’ll see how long it captures the attention of Singapore’s prolific and wannabe hipster cafe culture. Before we left, we HAD to take pictures outside, in front of the blue warehouse doors. So if you’re a bike lover or want to check out the latest cafe in Singapore, this is the place to be!

Address: 28 Lor Ampas, Singapore, Singapore 328781
Tel: 6254 9128
Tue- Fri: 11am-8pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-8pm
Closed on Mondays

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