slice of life challenge day #15: the first meeting

slice of life 2014

My grandmother had 7 children, 16 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren. Since she lived in NY the past 30 years, she had some great grandchildren in Korea that she never had a chance to meet. A few of her great grandchildren finally had a chance to meet my grandmother at her funeral. One of them, a sweet young boy, cried tears as he sat in front of her on the last day of her funeral.

My grandmother was always good with her hands. Our house was full of these swans she created with origami paper up until the end of her life. She would fold hundreds of these small pieces of origami paper to create these swans. She would make pairs of swans for our family, friends and people at our church. My parents brought two of the smaller swans she made to Korea for the funeral. This great grandchild that met my grandmother for the first time asked about these swans. I shared with him proudly how they were made by his great grandmother with much love and care. We decided to give these swans to him and his sister to take home.

After we buried my grandmother’s ashes into the ground at the cemetery, I saw the children gather in front of her grave. I knew that even though they didn’t meet her in person, I could see glimpses of her in them. I knew that I would make sure they would know her story when they got older. I knew that she was smiling to have finally met them.

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8 thoughts on “slice of life challenge day #15: the first meeting

  1. leslee264 says:

    I liked hearing that grandma and her grandchild had in fact met with your reference to her smiling. I also could not have imagined the swans so beautiful as they are pictured here. I like how the distance between NY and Korea is shortened in an instant as you note the child’s resemblance. #sol14

  2. AJF (@Anitaferreri) says:

    I am so sorry for your loss; yet, I know your grandmother is smiling at her reflection in the young children who will grow to be a bit like her. Your posts about her – recently – have reflected a deep love and respect that I am sure adds to the smile, in spite, of the sadness of this season on life.

  3. mgminer says:

    The swans are beautiful treasures to represent the treasure your grandmother is in your family. Your writing is very pure – it is honest and direct. I love your voice.

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