l’entrecote: steak & fries bistro

Can you imagine steak, fries, l’apertif, and salad for $29.90 (++) in Singapore? Well you had me at steak… I finally managed to satisfy my steak craving at L’Entrecote. Plus, they give you unlimited fries. Life doesn’t get much better than that. Be warned though, they don’t have ketchup. My friend joked that she would smuggle some in with her next time!

I’ve been wanting to check this place out for a long time. It’s located on top of the hill on Duxton, hidden away in Tanjong Pagar. It’s a really cute area with a lot of fun restaurants and bars. I went on a week night at 6pm, and there was literally no one in the restaurant until we arrived. I heard on the weekends there is a wait, so I would recommend going during the week (they don’t take reservations). My friends and I all ordered our steaks medium. My friend’s steak was pretty red and even blue on some parts, so she had asked to get it cooked a bit more. And, unfortunately, what came back was a bit too well done. My steak was a bit more cooked, but still pretty red. So next time, I will go on the safe side and order my steak medium well, and hope it’s not rare. Other than that, the service and rest of the meal was delicious. We ordered some ice cream and the profiteroles which were delicious according to my friends. I was honestly way too full from all the food to have room for dessert, which means I must have overdosed on the unlimited fries (my weakness).

I will definitely be going back because who doesn’t love steak & fries that’s affordable. I do recommend this place. I liked the French bistro feel inside and honestly, steak makes me very happy. I look forward to checking out some other steak places in Singapore hopefully sooner than later. Any takers?! 🙂


36 Duxton Hill

Singapore 089614

T: 6690 7561

lentrecote-1038 lentrecote-1040lentrecote-1042lentrecote-1048lentrecote-1049

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