snorkeling, scuba diving & sharks

This was my third trip to Thailand, but my first time to Koh Samui. We flew direct to Koh Samui from Singapore, which was around 2 hours, but pretty expensive! We stayed in Koh Samui for 1 night then took a ferry the next day to Koh Tao, another smaller island that was about 2 hours away.

Koh Tao is known for the scuba diving. There are a lot of smaller islands nearby and great beaches for snorkling and scuba diving, with lots of coral, fishes and more. Janice wanted to get her scuba diving license so that was the main reason in choosing Koh Tao! There were so many different scuba diving companies in Koh Tao. Janice used Masters Divers, which she seemed to really like.  The cost of getting your certification and other courses are apparently much cheaper in Koh Tao! Despite her attempts at persuading me to take the classes with her, I decided that my vacation would not be the time to face my fears of scuba diving (there’s a story behind my fear). I wanted to relax, read, and just spend time on the beach, which I did plenty of.

During our trip, we had a good amount of time to explore the different beaches of Koh Tao. We went to a beach called Shark Bay that had great coral and fish not too far from the shore. We had a bit of trouble actually getting to the beach because the tide was so high. Basically, we walked to this restaurant that overlooks the ocean and you need to take these stairs that lead into the ocean and swim to the beach. The woman that worked there, said this was the ONLY way to the beach. We had our bags with cameras and things we didn’t want to get wet, so we had to find another way in. After walking in circles, trying to find another path, we ended up walking through a blocked off construction site next door. We luckily saw other beach goers coming out from that way!

I enjoyed snorkeling and was hoping to see some sharks!! Unfortunately, I didn’t have any shark sitings, just a lot of fish and coral. At times, I did feel a bit nervous snorkeling by myself in the ocean, because there weren’t many people in the water and no life guards. Luckily nothing bad happened, but I guess that’s the risk you take when you go to these more secluded beaches. Overall, shark bay was a very peaceful and beautiful beach. I highly recommend checking it out, if you are in Koh Tao!

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