a glimpse of fall

I’ve been having some major fall weather withdrawal as I’ve been going into year 2 of living in Singapore, the land of one season and temperature.  Now that I’m in Taipei for fall break, I’ve been loving the cooler and more “fall” like weather. On my hike this morning to elephant mountain, I was excited to see some leaves of foliage color. It’s the little things that can bring me such joy! 🙂 More to come on my adventures in Taipei.

DSC_0051DSC_0086 DSC_0094DSC_0055

5 thoughts on “a glimpse of fall

  1. elsie says:

    I think I would have a hard time if the seasons didn’t change. Fortunately, you were able to find a bit of fall. Would you like me to send you some red maple leaves next year? 🙂 We seem to have plenty, over 50 bags of leaves have been hauled to the recycling center.

  2. Mr Seah says:

    I was looking through your “two apples a day” and somehow, clickety-click, I found myself here 😀 I find myself wondering if there’s such a thing as tropical weather depression (yknow, like the winter blues?)

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