symmetry and shopping on a saturday

I’m feeing very thankful for a midweek public holiday. Due to the rain, our plans for Pulau Ubin got cancelled, but it’s aways nice to wake up late, catch up on blog posts, and meet up with friends. I’ve been a bit backed up with my blog posts, but I’ll start cranking them out! 🙂

The other Saturday, Aimee and I checked out brunch at a new place called Symmetry. I highly recommend this place, not only for their foods, but for their drinks and cool ambience. They had the BEST truffle fries and amazing homemade passion fruit iced tea. I got the truffle eggs and Aimee got their breakfast croissant. There was a bit of a queue for brunch, but we opted for the counter and didn’t have to wait!

After consuming a whole bucket of delicious truffle fries in addition to our main dishes,  we managed to head over to Haji lane which is located by Arab street. This unique street has really cute boutiques and stores which gives some life to the monotonous mall scene in Singapore. Even though we didn’t walk away with any purchases, Haji lane is always a fun place to spend your Saturday!


9 Jalan Kubor #01-01 S(199206)

Photos taken from my iphone4s

symmetry symmetry1 symmetry2 symmetry3 symmetry4 symmetry5

Haji Lane & Arab Street

Photos taken from my Nikon d5100, edited with Adobe Lightroom

DSC_0715 DSC_0714DSC_0707 DSC_0712

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