the chocolate bar @ mbs

The chocolate bar at the Marina Bay Sands hotel is a dessert buffet like no other. It is located on the  57th floor,l overlooking the Singapore skyline, and there are 57 different desserts. It costs about $48 per person plus tax and service charges.  Yes, it’s a bit pricey for dessert, but the quality of the desserts and the view are worth it. You do need to make reservations before hand, and try to make them a week or more before. You can make the reservations online here.

The chocolate bar is only open from 8pm-12am. Therefore, eat a light dinner beforehand, because there is plenty to eat at this buffet. There’s a range from sweet to savory items. I loved their collection of cheese and freshly baked breads. I think after all the sugary desserts, I really needed to balance it with the more savory items. From macarons, cakes, lollipops, dark chocolate almonds, and a donut station, it’s hard to decide what to try and fill your stomach with.

The other plus to the chocolate bar is that you get to see the MBS infinity pool area and take pictures there. Obviously, you are not allowed to swim, since it’s only for actual hotel guests. However, this is the one way you can access and see the infinity pool. I definitely recommend coming here when you have out of town visitors. Plus, if you are celebrating a birthday or a special event, they will prepare something special for you. They gave us a cute carrot cake with candle for Erna’s birthday. Now that I’ve done this dessert buffet, I may have to check out the Fullerton chocolate buffet next!

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