{happy birthday melody}

When I first met Melody, we were both lost at Yongsan base, trying to find the Jubilee picnic and I had not idea that our lives would become so interconnected through my time in Korea, after this chance meeting. A few months later, I met Melody again at a Jerusalem Ministry prayer meeting.  As our friendship grew, I found out that she was a certified teacher and told her to apply to my school.  She of course got the job, and I quickly found out how enthusiastic and talented she was as a teacher.

The next few years, we got to work together, hang out a lot as neighbors, and serve together. We went to the orphanage together on Monday nights and even went to Nepal on a missions trip to train teachers there. Now, we have our teaching blog, two apples a day and are in the midst of starting a non profit organization with two other amazing friends, Dyanne and Tammi.

Cheers to a friendship that continues to grow and challenge one another! Cheers to a fabulous blogging partner! Cheers to celebrating your beautiful life!

DSC_0791  SONY DSC SONY DSC IMG_0052 P1050282 P1100460

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