Nothing to Write


Slice of Life Challenge Day #21

11pm. My legs felt itchy. Had I been bitten again? I was too tired to look down at my legs. All of a sudden I saw something black and small flying around. It slowly landed on the bottom of my laptop on the flat part. I quickly smashed the tiny sucker. I took off my hand slowly, and saw a pindrop of blood in addition to the flattened mosquito.

I was feeling to tired to get off of my bed to get a tissue to wipe it off at that moment. I looked at the open Internet window to my blog. An empty page except the slice of life turquoise button that I had inserted. What to write? I went through the different things that happened that day. Should I write about the weather that seems to be getting even hotter (93 degrees F) here in Singapore? Or should I write about the fun I had reading all my students slices about our “cockroach incident”? Or, maybe I’ll write about what I’m thankful on this lovely Thursday.


I groggily look over to my iphone and shutdown the alarm. It was 5:30am. The first alarm had gone off. I looked over to my left and see my silver macbook pro with the screen open at 90 degrees and the blank blog post page. It was too bad I wasn’t a sleep writer. I had fallen asleep while trying to write my blog post.  I looked carefully at the keyboard, and quickly spotted the squished mosquito with the spot of blood, which probably belonged to me. I grabbed a tissue and wiped it off. Now I had something to write about. 

6 thoughts on “Nothing to Write

  1. Chris Kervina (@ckervina) says:

    I, too, had a bit of a workman like slice today. Some days, it’s enough to get the words down. There may be inspiration there later, or it might take a little blood to draw it out.

    Thanks for sharing your struggles and the story that came of them.

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