Cockroach vs. Teacher


Slice of Life Challenge Day #19

I looked around the classroom. The only noise that filled the room full of eager fifth grade students were the air conditioner and the tapping of fingers on laptop keys. I was having one of those moments. All the students were engaged, focused and writing.

15 minutes later…

“Will you plug the laptop cart into the outlet?” I asked. He quickly took the long chord and looked for the outlet next to our library.

“Ahhhhhh!” He shouted from across the room. Immediately, I hoped that it wasn’t a rodent creature.  “There’s a huge cockroach!” He accurately informed us.

I walked over to the library area. I quickly went through my options. Option #1, take my sandal off and use it to squish the cockroach. Option #2, grab one of the social studies textbook as my weapon of choice.  Option #3, get one of the students to kill it. One of my girls had generously offered to kill it, in which I told her no. Option #4, let it live and experience another day of exciting learning in room 314. Or option #5, run back to my desk and get my can of bug spray, which I use to get rid of ants on my desk.

Obviously, I chose option number five. I furiously sprayed the little creature. No results. It kept scrambling behind the cushions even more actively than before. I sprayed again.

“It’s still alive. It’s over there now.” One of my students kindly informed me.  I moved over to the side and continued to spray at it again. The resilient creature kept on moving around. I sprayed another time!

“Ooh, that spray smells good!” Another student observed. As my class crowded around the back, I had them go back to their seats. I continued to furiously spray at it. Its little legs surrendered in the air and slowly stopped moving. Finally, I had won the difficult battle.

“Go get the broom and dustpan.” I told two of my students. They quickly brought over the broom and swept up the casualty. “Make sure to put the cockroach in the garbage can outside.” Just another day in room 314, defending a class of writers from the perils of evil cockroaches.


7 thoughts on “Cockroach vs. Teacher

  1. Sarah Cline says:

    Quick thinking! I had a snake find its way into my classroom last year (before the day began). I was not as brave as you. I left the room and called the janitor to come take care of it…I hate snakes with a passion!

  2. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Ahhh! Yuck! I don’t know what I would have done. I LOVED your list of options – each one made me smile even more and I was actually thinking you should let the critter live another day in room 314! And now everyone has a little slice to write about . . . wouldn’t it be fun to compare slices? (By the way, I’m glad the evil cockroach is dead. Ewww.)

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